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Bit confused by Detonating Arrow interactions

I could experiment with this if I had a high level Marksman, but I don’t.

  1. If I hit someone with Detonating Arrow twice, no passives, do they get two arrows stuck in them or just one?
  2. I saw a build with both Rapid Detonation and Sucker Punch. What’s the interaction there? Does the second arrow stick or not?
  1. Two, unless you have Suckerpunch.
  2. The second arrow does nothing (because Suckerpunch) and the first arrow explodes immediately (because Rapid Detonation, so those two nodes work against each other.
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Very weird that build used both, then. Sounds like I’m probably just going to take neither, then.

Another question: is ‘mana consumed’ like from the Infused Discharge (consume mana to deal more damage) and the Dark Quiver mana consumed node equivalent to mana cost for the Ethereal Arrows node?

I don’t think it does. I think it’s kinda like a secondary proc’s cost (like Smite’s Fissure), doesn’t affect the cost of the main skill.

That was what I assumed looking at it. Unfortunate, but oh well.

so if i have 200 mana and 1 point into this which means consume 5%
that means the skill now will cost base 8 mana cost ( which i can modify with reduce cost etc) + additional 10 mana that is consumed? if so this is really awful and gonna make skill really hard to maintain. ty

also id love to ask 1 more quesiton scorpion arrow mention that it convert alll shock chance into poison but does it also convert shock effect/duration into poison duration? thank you !

The trick is if you’re using a 0 mana skill to build elemental arrows and have the gain mana on using 0 mana skill passive you tend to make it all back. The problem is it just… doesn’t do much umless you stack a ton of +mana.

Umm kinda makes take different approach give up the elemental arrow all together and spend points on defensive options… give up this point and not relay on 0 mana cost skills to recover mana which also take slots on skills instead of using utility skills

about Scorpion arrow node do you have a clue if it convert shock duraiton to poison duration aswell? or its only chance?

No, Infused Discharge doesn’t increase the cost of the skill it just gives a damage bonus based on a % of your current mana then removes that mana.

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Oh, the elemental arrow part of it is still extremely worthwhile, it’s the mana consuming part that isn’t.

so it does all in all makes the skill spend more mana… anyway?

i mean the skill cost 8 . but in additional to these 8 the point will consume 5% of the current mana which makes it abit harder to maintain mana no?

Correct to both.

sounds like pain in the ass when you stack attack speed. wouldnt it be worth while to give up these nodes and have more freedom with attack speed? i support we could get on items mana gain on hit or reduce mana cost… for the base cost