Bigger mouse pointer

Good quality of life thing for this amazing game would be changing the size of the mouse cursor or the color of it.

If that’s possible that would be great!

Try Yolomouse, great tool for those of us who lose track of the pointer.
Doesn’t look great, but that’s a price I am willing to pay.


yeah i know but it wouldn’t hurt to implement it into the game ya know?

It won’t hurt at all but as it seems it’s a realy complicated thing to code because not many developers offer something like this and force us to spent money on third party software that may or may not be allowed.

We don’t have any rules against players using Yolomouse.

We would certainly like to add support for something like this, however it is far more complicated than it may seem to implement, and alongside programs existing which people are already familiar with and do the job well, it’s currently lower priority. It is still on our list of things we’d like to look more into, just no current ETA.

Good to know Yolomouse isn’t against the rules thx for the answer.

+1 for Yolomouse with LE.