Big synchronized strike bug

I encounter a big issue with my shadow cascade rogue at the moment.

when i synchronised strike and shift, if i use shadow cascade quickly after followed by synchronised strike right away, it will lock me in place without the ability to perform any action until i shift again

it’s rather troublesome to have your main skill stunning you for severals seconds regulary, i hope it will get a fix before it drives me mad

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I’m having a similar bug: the combination between synchronized strike, shift and shadow cascade roots me in place. But I can’t even free myself with shift or synchorized strike (I can’t even activate those skills). Only possibility is to use a portal (or die). My other skills (Smoke bomb, shurikens and shadow cascade) still work.

Same bug for me. Feels really bad to play atm.

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Not just Synch Strike but also Shadow Cascade. Even more apparent when it’s channeled.