Big synchronized strike bug

I encounter a big issue with my shadow cascade rogue at the moment.

when i synchronised strike and shift, if i use shadow cascade quickly after followed by synchronised strike right away, it will lock me in place without the ability to perform any action until i shift again

it’s rather troublesome to have your main skill stunning you for severals seconds regulary, i hope it will get a fix before it drives me mad

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I’m having a similar bug: the combination between synchronized strike, shift and shadow cascade roots me in place. But I can’t even free myself with shift or synchorized strike (I can’t even activate those skills). Only possibility is to use a portal (or die). My other skills (Smoke bomb, shurikens and shadow cascade) still work.

Same bug for me. Feels really bad to play atm.

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Not just Synch Strike but also Shadow Cascade. Even more apparent when it’s channeled.

Yes, this bug still persists. Both Shadow Cascade and Synchronized Strike are locking my character in place and in most cases each is preventing the other skill from working properly. Both of which also lock you out of other skills like Lethal Mirage, Dancing Strikes, etc. Thus far Shift has been the only way Ive been able to free myself.

This bug was not really an issue until I reached higher corruption monoliths where a few extra moments of being stuck in the ground can kill your character frequently. It also makes using these skills in combination with the Flow mechanic on the passive tree nearly impossible.

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