Big issue with skill stats

It’s impossible to get any info about skill stats in game. Things like increased damage, added flats, or even crit chance. All we can check is our character stats which are not affected by all the passives from skill trees or mods like increased crit chance with X skills.
This makes gearing and creating builds extremely difficult and annoying.
Also many stats seems to be missing - ward per second? crit mitigation?

Even though it is better than 0.9.2k now, you are right. A polish is necessary to make gearing as clear as possible within hub n’ stuff.

Also, they need to correct some of ability tooltips. For example, DIVE BOMB from falconer isn’t displaying the DPS and so on.

I think the one massive omission that would solve a lot of the mystery and concern is a DPS reading on the training dummies.

Agree, feels weird having a training dummy that doesn’t display your DPS at all, just a bunch of numbers that you can’t count since there are so many at once.

It’s not even the ammount of numbers. Some numbers are added togheter to make it easier to read them so you can’t identifyall your dmg instances even if you want to.

Then again EHG don’t want dps meters ingame because they think people gravitate to builds with the biggest numbers what is most likely true. Then again theory crafters most likely have a tear in their eyes because there is no good way to test out stuff and what it does for real.