Big Fire golems One Shots

The only mobs i get one shotted by are those Big fire golems.
Please change this. It feels really strange how the difference in power is. I have zero problems with other mobs but that one always one shots me.

It takes a bit more analysis of your character first.

What class are you? What defenses do you have? What mobility do you have? What skills do you have?

I have a pretty janky Beastmaster and I can just jump over to them and bleed them down no problem.

Or you can just tank them as a Sentinel…

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Hmmm there are lot of post like this in “feed back” part… basically saying “pls nerf this mob” or “pls up my char”

Im not against it in fact im totaly about it i would like to make a post like this “i got one shotted by a random mob” but i lack info about my death basically im dying it say by wich elemental dmg and thats all… im capped at 75% res + armor and im a VK (not the squishy one) so some time it make me wonder why ???

To solve this instead of saying (PLS NERF) or (PLS UP) i would prefer to say “Please can we have info ?”

So Please can we have info about our death i thoughts about it and we lack much info about that it would be great if we can have something like:

Cause of death:
Spell name: Blast
Type: Fire
Dmg: 12 000 000 874 Brut (meaning not over time)
Effect: Cause fire to spread burning everything 154 700 dmg per second
Fire penetration: 2
Affliction: Inflict doom 184% slow, -975% elemental res

Something like that … Here at least i could say “Pls Nerf” =)

Lol thats silly of me indeed.
Totally forgot about posting about my character.

Iam sentinel foreguard fully all resists capped.
Block chance 56% with shield. Armor 43% but i actually get way more when i get hit because of a passive point and because iam Foreguard.
Nothing one shots me but those fire golems with the siege weapon on their backs.
Even that big boss dragon Saley i dont know the name of it doesnt one shot me when i fully got hit so i find it strange that those mobs actually do 4 times in a row.

@Llama8 iam sentinel…

Yeah true and i agree that was my mistake.

What level are you? How much hp do you have? 56% block chance is a bit low for end game (Forge Guard can get 20-25% block from passives +33% from a Solarum shield +11-14% from a t5 prefix = 64-72%).

Do you have any chance to apply frailty on hit?

With this new patch (i’m a Sentinel/Paladin lover thru and thru) I can facetank these bastards two and sometimes three at a time. I was so stoked.

PLEASE NOTE: I have not tried this on other classes because I’m a chicken sh!t. :smiley:


A lot of your defenses are kinda useless if you are being killed by the DoT as well.

The only thing that one shots me on the Fire Golems, is the massive aoe they surround themselves with at 50%(?) Hp. I still can’t tell when the damage begins, or if it’s a series of hits or a dot. It’s just instant death if i don’t use a movement skill to get out.
They seem to only do it once per fight, and it’s predictable, but God forbid you get a few of these together…even worse with the damage reduction aura mobs!

I think the ability is overtuned a little too much, especially when you first encounter them, and on the Quest Echo where you fight 2 at once,
The second quest of The Stolen Lance.

or a lightning Spellblade… amazed at how tanky Spellblades are… Siege Golems, Meruna Ogres are no problem anymore and they gave my VK serious stick… Not sure if its 7.10 or just Spellblades.

I can almost do the same with a Spellblade… just a little judicious kiting to let cooldowns/buffs reset every so often and I have found I can go toe-to-toe with the Siege Golems…

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It’s likely both, players are more likely to have “capped” resists (less damage), then they reworked the mobs damage to take into account the change to resists/penetration, we have new defensive mechanics (frailty) & Spellblades can generate an ungodly amount of ward.

Frailty on hit is only beneficial for poison builds right? Iam a fire build.
Iam level 74. I find it strange that i tank everything really good accept for these monsters but if nobody else got this problem iam sure its a problem at my end. Iam gonna look into it and thanks for the feedback about how to improve my block chance.

What is that shield you are talking about? Is it a unique item?

True but how can i protect myself from the dots? I just dont know yet in this game so feedback is really welcome.

No, Frailty is a new defensive ailment that was added in 0.7.10. It reduces the damage dealt by a by by 6% per stack with a 3 stack cap, so it’s good for reducing incoming damage from any/all sources.

The Solarum shield is the highest level base with the best block chance but second best block effectiveness.

If you’re getting killed by a dot, the only defences are making sure you’re capped on resists, then hp & regen/leech/life/hit/etc (sustain). Or not standing in the DoT.

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Oh i looked on wiki and it said it is armor reduce for poison damage but i guess thats old information then. Thanks for the feedback!
So The stack your talking about is Dot damage? If i understand you clearly Frailty is to reduce dot damage? And the shield your talking about is just a normal shield not a non unique or set item.

The wiki really isn’t updated so I wouldn’t go with that unfortunately.

Frailty can have up to 3 stacks (giving a max damage reduction of 18%). It reduces all the damage the mobs do, not just DoTs.

Just adding Oracle amulets, 6-20% less damage over time, level 76 req :slight_smile:


Which in some cases is much easier said than done (here’s looking at you horde of void beetles that surround you like a cocoon.)