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Bhuldar's Fury - Beastmaster Build

This is a very tanky build (as most BMs are). It uses Fury Leap with maximized Cooldown Recovery, along with a 20% chance to reset on kill to apply Earthquake via Bhuldar’s Wrath. It also sports plenty of mana regen and mana gain on Swipe to be able to manually cast Earthquake with no mana issues. This lets me maintain at least one EQ per 2 seconds.

Video - Empowered Mono Gameplay

Build Planner


  • Earthquake: Main DPS. It is the only skill (as far as I know) which has an option for Damage over Time that scales with Melee Damage (Aftershocks), and I use that as it clears a lot better. It also applies a Slow to enemies affected by the hit or Aftershock.
  • Swipe: This is set up for mana gain, global damage and speed boost and Cull @ 14%. It also does good filler damage & applies the Bhuldar’s Armor shred (as armor shred not ignite).
  • Fury Leap: with Helm affix and Stymied Fate boots, this has <4 sec CD. It also adds global damage and speed for 4 seconds (which means, at all times since its CD is <4 sec). It can reset 20% of the time when you kill with Swipe or EQ (you can see double jumps in the video). The cherry on top - it pulls enemies into the EQ.
  • Warcry: this will give you some Haste, Frenzy, Attack speed, a Frailty stack, and a Cleanse when needed.
  • Tornado: Aspect of the Storm grants you move speed, attack speed and mana regen.

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