Better feedback on Town Portal

I played some online yesterday in a party of 2, and it took us multiple minutes to figure out how Town Portal was “supposed to” work, because the experience of using it while online goes like this:

  1. hit the Town Portal button
  2. the portal appears
  3. click on it
  4. it disappears
  5. guess it didn’t work. better hit the town portal button again
  6. (repeat steps 1 through 5 until you realize you need to click on the portal and then wait 5 to 10 seconds for the load screen)

If there was some indicator that the portal had been activated instead of disappearing - maybe like the “Now Traveling To ” indicator that appears when you change zones - neither of us would have been confused.

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agreed, it’s annoying.

Wow… that never happened to me. For me it’s working instantly. I guess it’s an online issue.


All zone transitions online take a good 10 secs or so before you get a loading screen. It’s a bit more obvious with minions as they despawn immediately on clicking the transition (which also leaves a minion class defenceless while you wait).

Have you never played mp???

Though I’ve never had the specific issue described.

I’ve never had that long of a transition during online play. It’s always been very rapid for me.

Maybe 10s was a bit hyperbolic but it definitely takes significantly longer than pre-0.9.

It’s also very possible that I’m physically located very close to one of the data centers. I haven’t tried to check where any of them actually are.

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Agree with this, same with entering new zones. There really isn’t any feedback so all.

i typically see a few seconds. it’s not that it takes a few seconds that’s a problem, it’s that i can’t tell i’ve actually clicked on the portal, so i spend the next few seconds repeatedly clicking on the portal.

and i do that because, invariably, it never activates on the first try.

it needs help as a UI element, that’s for sure.

Yeah, that’s really weird. I often transition into the loading screen before my portal even fully appears, myself.

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:laughing:. i’ve NEVER seen it be that fast, not ever.

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Yeah, not even slightly.

Well I can also get from the lightswitch and into bed before the lights are off so maybe that’s it?

That just makes me worry about your light switches.

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As you may have noticed different people are affected differently by neteork issues. My ping is always around 10-15 ms, I very rarely encounter rubber banding or lags (never when I play solo, sometimes when I play in a group). Yesterday after the latest patch was the first time group play was unplayable in a party of 4.

The zone transitioning issues you describe are gone for me since 0.9 went live. Have you never played the actual live version??

Yes, though since I live in the pariah state of the west coast of Europe, my internet packets are given a good hard internal cavity inspection by French boarder control before they’re allowed to enter the EU. I’m sure if I were a Citizen of that Glorious and not even slightly fractious country (or had an Irish passport) then I would also have such low pings.

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