Better Crafting System and Potions

I would like to see improvements in the crafting system. Examples. Add a skill up base to it so you can reduce the Forge Potential cost to a minimum, and even add an ability to be able to remove Selected ability’s not just random as you skill up crafting. Maybe even an expensive ability to return some forge potential to an item. Would also like to see additional potions such as resistance, buff, and mana pots.

Please no. Mana is way more interesting as a resource that needs to be solved or a limiting factor to the spamming of singular powerful abilities (without solving the aforementioned mana puzzle) and we don’t need potion bloat.

I’d much prefer interesting defensive affixes/uniques/sets than more tedious yet required (if playing optimally) resources/consumables/buffs.

The suggestions are good if you want an expansive game like PoE - unfortunately LE is much closer to Diablo than fans would like to admit. It’s sort of like a casual game for people who don’t like to think of themselves as casual. As such any added complexity will usually be met with resistance. But +1 from me.