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Better Bone Splinters - A new way to play Marrow Shards

These suggestions are meant to make Bone Splinter a new way to play Marrow Shards, with new synergies (Bone Curse, Wandering Speerits, Bleed)

Marrow caster, Crimson Ivory, Gouging Splinters, Rip Marrow, Marrow Eater, Life Blood, Spirit Feast, Treachery


Bone Splinters

Marrow shards creates Bone Splinters in a cone when destroyed, which damages ennemies, but Marrow Shards travels less far and cost more Health
You cast Bone Splinters instead of Marrow shards. All modifiers applied to Marrow Shards (health cost, crit, damage, doublecast, pierce, …etc.) are now applied to Bone Splinters.
Accessible from root

Splintering impact

Marrow shards and Bone Spliters creates Bone Splinters in a cone behind the ennemy circle at ennemy location, damaging the ennemy and other ennemies, but Marrow shards can no longer pierce and cost more health. These extra Bone Splinters do not trigger Splintering impact

Cursed Splinters [new!]

Bone Splinters apply Bone Curse on hit

Sentient Splinters [new!]

Each shard of Bone Splinters is now a missile garanted to hit a random ennemy, but Bone Splinters has a cooldown of 4.5 seconds. Reduce 1 second per point, max 4 points

Bones of the followers

Marrow Shards hits deal significantly damage, but consume one of your minions or wandering spirits when you cast it.

Ghost Fast Splinters

Bone Splinter speed and and range +25% +100% per point, max 6 points 2 points


Doublecast chance +14% +50% per point, max 7 points 2 points

Shredding Bones

Armor shred chance +20% +100% per point, max 5 points 2 points

Blood Assassin

Accessible from root


More hit damage against bleeding +20% +100% per point, max 5 points 2 points

Monster Splinters [new!]

Bone Splinters is cast in a cone at a random ennemy location. Therefore, it no longer costs you health, but instead apply a bleed stack to the affected ennemy.

Soul Blood

Bleed chance +25% +50% per point, max 4 points 2 points

Item : Taste of blood

When you hit a bleeding enemy with a melee attack, all bleed stacks on that enemy double in speed.

Item : Undisputed

10% increased physical damage for each recent melee hit against a bleeding enemy (up to 200%)

Dark Reverie, Dark Precision, Ivory Obliteration

Move these nodes near other critical multiplier nodes

Blood Reverie

Move this node near other health leech nodes

Dead weight, Demise, Bone knives, Shreding bones, Bones of the follower

Regroup these nodes (they all kinda increase damage)

Item : Orchirian’s Petals

21% Increased Base Critical Strike Chance with Physical Spells
34% Increased Stun Chance Critical Strike Damage with Physical Spells

Item : Symbol of Demise

Every 3 seconds your ward is consumed, granting a stack of Demise per 13 ward consumed
For each hit done recently, you are granted a stack of Demise
Each stack of Demise grants 1% 5% increased Bleed chance, Bleed damage and Bleed Duration

Item : Bone Shard [New!]

Marrow Shard does 100% Increased Damage and travels 100% faster
New Wand