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Beta Pack PEt "Skullen" on steam only?

I’m wondering if the new pet from the next Beta pack coming on steam will also be available for people who purchased the Beta access before here, or exclusif to the next upcoming steam packs ?

Because i want to get the pet but i guess i need to wait right ?
Or if i purchase the supporter pack with the turtle now it works too ?

Also the amount of cosmetic point per steam pack will be the same ratio ? (10points per 1dollars) or i should better take the Ancient TUrple pack from here now because its better ? ^^’.

Hi there,

The Skullen pet MTX will be exclusive to the next series of supporter packs.

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What if we want them all ? Will you make it available via store ? Btw, i’ve never seen the interface in game, is there a " pet collection " ?

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “all”. If you like the current pets you can upgrade your supporter packs, and if you’d like to have a Skullen you can buy one of the Beta supporter packs when they are released.

The pets in supporter packs aren’t available outside of the packs, and you can select the pets in game.

@Hackaloken I assume Urdan wants every pet in the game that is all 5 turtles and all the Skullens or at lest the possibility to buy them all.

@Urdan pet collection it exist. Press K and open up the cosmetics window which has slots for all the cosmetics which incules pets. Click pet slots and you get a window that has a list of pets. At the moment I can see all 5 turtles from the alpha pack plus 5 dragony things (they are not skullens). Everything I don’t own has ‘NOT OWNED’ on it

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@Kotli at least someone understand my english =) ! Thx you for the precisions. I can’t play the game yet, can’t wait to try and see by myself. Is there a way to by with game’s money theses pets ?

@Hackaloken thank you. I wont change my pack for a pet, i already by the 40€ pack.

@Urdan the pack pets cant be brought outside of the packs. (at lest that what I read in dev posts). The rest will be buyable with cosmetic points just like the rest of the cosmetic items price unknown.

Great ! Thank you.

@Urdan i guess you cant have them all. If you didnt suport the kickstarter funds, you cant have the pet and the other cool stuff. I dont know why they do this. I lost total interest in games when they give things to people who knew the game before. I was thinking in buy the ancient creator pack, but i watched one of ‘bludshed’ videos on Youtube and saw him detaling the kickstarter funding. The moment i saw the packs there, i felt happy i didnt buy the supporter pack. Guess this is a game i wont be playing.
Sorry for my english.

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