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Beta feedback and suggestions (updated May 5th)

First of all I would like to thank you for making this game. I am not sure if any of these suggestions are technically sound or worth the time at this stage, but hopefully they will at least spark some conversation.

May 5th
Many people have been talking about auto pickup for crafting materials, and I feel like the vacuum system some games have would be ideal instead of going fully automatic. The way it works is that when you pick up a crafting material, it automatically picks up every crafting material in the vicinity. A lesser version slash QoL change would be that if your inventory is full when you pick up a crafting material, you still pick it up and it gets automatically put into the crafting stash.

Something minor I would like to see is that when you log in, you are automatically at maximum zoom (or the last zoom you played with).

The beastmaster system is interesting, and here are my thoughts about it. It feels bad to have your character stop whenever you cast a pet ability (especially when you cast multiple in a row), and I would consider making them instant or near instant casts. Currently you also have to change skills on your bars if you want to summon more pets since the skill functions only as the pet ability after your first or second summon. You could add a modifier, say ctrl or alt and when you hold that down, you can summon a pet instead of casting the ability.

I would also like to see them have longer cooldowns, and either lasting longer and/or having bigger impact. Currently it feels like the poe flask system if you have multiple different pets out, and it could be improved by these changes either baseline or with talents. Additional ideas would be to have a talent that increases their cooldown, but they are either cast automatically on cooldown, or they are all cast when you cast one.

I would also like to see temporary buffs to some of the primalist skills that don’t have skill trees at the moment. The ones that come to mind are frenzy totem and healing wind. I would like to see more aoe added for frenzy totem, and the duration being increased. For healing wind, the duration could be increased as well.

The ward nodes in the Teleport skill tree are in need of a major nerf. You could halve the numbers and they would still be extremely powerful. The problem isn’t that the other nodes are undesirable, it’s that by investing these 10 (or 15) ward nodes, your character pretty much becomes indestructible, especially if you are stacking int. I would consider adding either a longer cooldown, higher mana cost or some other drawback for the nodes even if you cut the numbers. Ward retention is just too readily available for these nodes to exist in this state.

On top of this, I would change intelligence to give less ward retention per point.

I would also like to see some sort of mana shield ability for mages.

The Abyssal Echoes node Temporal Echo (and Abyssal Cadence) currently cancels the remaining casts if you get stunned. I feel it isn’t powerful enough in the first place and having to invest heavily in stun resistance if you want to run this talent makes it even less desirable. I would either change this interaction in a way that it keeps going even if you get stunned, or perhaps adding some stun resistance for each point in Abyssal Cadence or Distant Echoes.

May 2nd
Some of the monsters have very fast projectile speeds and/or very little indication for their big damage attacks. Ones that come to mind are the skeleton throwers and void mauls. These are especially brutal when you are playing melee skills that animation lock you.

It would be nice to have customization options for the player health bar. For example I would like to make it slightly bigger and make sure it is always on top so it doesnt disappear under monsters and skill effects. Also something not as important, it would be nice to have similar customization options for allied minion health bars, maybe something to make them slightly different than the player health bar.

I am aware that the skill specialization respec system isn’t final, but a possible temporary solution would be to make skills that you have already had at high level gain extra experience until they reach that level again.

I have read that the barrels in arena are only a placeholder, but I would still like to see the minion attack key work for destroying barrels and crates.

The Mark of Death talent Bone Prison is not very exciting or useful right now. I would suggest moving some of the bonuses from either Calcium Infusion or Enchanted Prison into the main node, and replacing one of the before mentioned nodes with cooldown reduction or some sort of poison explosion whenever enemies manage to break a part of the wall.

The Summon Skeleton (mage) talent Dark Siege is very underwhelming if I understand it correctly. Currently it gives 50% cooldown recovery speed per point up to 6 points for the special ability which has a 5 second base cooldown. Please correct me if I’m wrong but I believe this node cuts the cooldown to 3.333 seconds after the first point, and to 2.5 seconds after the second, lowering it’s per point value for each point invested.

I don’t mind a one point wonder at times, but I think that it would be more fun if it instead gave a -1 second to the cooldown and had perhaps a 2-4 point maximum, or perhaps -2 seconds if it was a one pointer.

The Wandering Spirits can be produced in very high amounts and made to last a very long time, so I am wondering if it would be possible to make them a little bit more transparent so they dont clog up the screen when you choose to use them this way.

I can understand nerfing teleport ward generation but I be wary of tweaking INT ward retention numbers though as that will effect acolyte as well.

You might be right as I haven’t played a ward based Acolyte yet, but I feel like the amount of ward retention you get from int is way too high compared to the skill trees and what other stats give you. If anything, I would buff the ward retention from passive skills if I nerfed the gain from intelligence.

For example, right now my sorcerer gets 345% ward retention, and just 50% of it is from the skill tree. Granted, there is another 50% up for grabs in the sorcerer tree, but I feel like there is almost no point in grabbing it over general damage or other defenses as I can just get a t5 int on my items.

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