Beta 0.9 Pre-Release - Hotfix Patch Notes

This thread will collect patch notes for any hotfixes deployed during the open pre-release event this weekend. If you’re not signed up, simply visit the Steam store page and Request Access to the playtest .

You’ll be granted access almost immediately though you may need to restart Steam to start the download.

Hotfix 1 2023-02-23T18:10:00Z

  • Fixed a bug where players logging in for the first time would not have any display name in chat. Exiting to Desktop and re-opening the game fixes the issue for anyone previously affected.

Hotfix 2 2023-02-23T23:25:00Z

  • Fixed a cause of going to a different server than your party mates after a scene transition.
    • This fix was deployed on the backend a few hours earlier. There are other causes that we are still investigating.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Lunge to sometimes become unusable after loading into a new zone.
  • Mitigated a bug which caused movement to sometimes break after using Fury Leap. If you do encounter this bug again, using Fury Leap another time should fix it. Let us know in a Bug Report if you have issues.
    • We are aware of “freezing” in midair while using Fury Leap; this is only a visual bug and we don’t have a fix yet.
  • Fixed a bug where holding down the ability use and movement keys at the same time would make your character’s attack animations drastically speed up. This did not affect how often the abilities actually cast.
  • Fixed Swipe using the wrong animation variant in some situations.

Hotfix 3 2023-02-25T01:30:00Z

  • Fixed a significant cause of party members going to different servers when moving to a new zone. We’re not aware of any other bugs causing this but let us know if it happens after updating.
  • Fixed a bug where the Temple Guardian in The Courtyard would not activate in some situations.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not right click on usernames in Chat to bring up the options for adding friends, inviting to party, etc.
    • You need to have the Chat open to do this (i.e. press enter) which is not intended but will be fixed later.

We’re still aware of Fury Leap and Lunge breaking sometimes. Using Fury Leap again can sometimes fix the problem. If that doesn’t work (or if Lunge isn’t working), relogging should reset the issue. Our apologies for the hassle.