Beta 0.9.2L Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where mini healthbars were not appearing over enemies or minions
  • Fixed a bug where Flurry would collide with friendly players and minions
  • Fixed a bug which could result in a Gray Splash Screen on client start
  • Fixed an issue where Lagon would not drop potions in phases 1 and 3
  • Fixed a bug which would result in enemies in arena not animating properly after spawning
    • This can still occur due to a different bug which we are still working on, however is far less frequent


  • Reduced the sizes of many textures loaded on client start. This should reduce the starting memory footprint when launching the client, as well as help the client launch a bit faster. Because this reduces the start-up memory footprint, we also expect this to help with many cases of “crash-on-startup” which were due to memory issues.
  • Added support ticket submission to in-game bug report tool for players looking for support rather than to report an issue.
  • Several backend improvements for performance improvements while playing in a party, as well as for longer game sessions
  • Cleaned up a number of log events which were not logging useful information

I have always played on the steam deck so not sure if these issues are on PC as well. But since I downloaded this update, have seen these issues.

-When doing empowered monos, I load into a map where the quest objective is to find the well or the beacon. Id roam the entire map the quest objective does not appear. even if I find the well or beacon and begin it, it won’t complete it after I kill all the mobs.

-The mini map is not showing the map. When in a city it shows the different vendors but nothing else. In Monos, it’s basically blank.

Thank you for the report! The team is currently investigating the Monolith Objectives issue as an urgent priority issue.

Update: 12/13/2023 04:24PM CT

Our team is currently hard at work to get a fix out for this issue with Ambush objectives.

As a temporary work around, If you notice you don’t have an echo objective in your quest list upon entering, you should be able to leave the echo, and re-enter it to generate a new objective.

Thank you for your patience, and we will have a hotfix out for this as quickly as we can.


Thank you for the quick responses.

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This fix introduced a new bug:

Both Detonating Arrow and Flurry which were not able to pierce ballistas or allies before can now pierce but not deal damage to enemies behind a ballista.
Also Detonating Arrow has a weird chaining projectile direction once it collides with a Ballista.
Haven’t tested in coop yet, but it’s probably acting the same way.
Mulitshot, Cinder Strike and Puncture works as intended with Ballista.


Man, what a machine gun! I haven’t played a Marksman in a while but that’s crazy fast shooting.

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It’s also a bug :slight_smile:

Yeah, kind of figured it was. It’s still quite funny to watch.

Oh guys I dont know exactly what you’ve done but I was able to launch LE 5 times in a row without any single Unity-startup crash! Thanks so much! I’ve been waiting for this since September


Detonating Arrow for Marskman is not working correctly, this is directly related to the patch update as i was right in the middle of levelling this character. It seems to pierce through enemies and not register any damage at close distances. i can sit there at low level enemies and repeat shoot and not damage at all. The bug is essentially making the skill useless as an AOE skill.

That was already reported just a few posts above yours.

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So when are they fixing it?

Probably just for 1.0, unless they need to patch something else and decide to bundle that as well.