Beta 0.9.2k Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a Lost Cache could be looted multiple times
  • Fixed a bug where simultaneously exploding Volatile Zombies creating Infernal Shades could exceed the Shade limit
  • Fixed a bug where holding Shift would not prevent movement
  • Fixed a bug where Region Select was defaulting to US-Central
  • Fixed a bug where Exiled Mage’s Mana strike was not able to reach players
  • Fixed a bug where closing the in-game Bug Report tool with esc would disable game inputs
  • Fixed a bug where some Osprix enemies would appear invisible in Liath’s Tower
  • Fixed some instances of pink particle effects

I read this completely incorrectly initially, then I couldn’t stop thinking about the Pink Panther as a Mage in Last Epoch. AI image creation to the rescue.


Anyone else lost mini map and overlay map outlines with the latest patch?
Also found one shard so far (Added Bow Physical Damage Shard) which does not have an icon. This is with the Linux native client.
edit: also no affix icons in the forge.
edit2: seems to only happen using the default OpenGL renderer. Starting with “-force-vulkan” fixes these new issues but still shows the older vulkan issues.
edit3: using the windows client through proton does not show these issues either.

I have the same problem (also with Linux client). Thank you for mentioning forcing Vulkan - even the character screen graphics are fixed with it, and the map outlines return. Amazing. Icons and item backgrounds look strange (e.g. they seem to reflect the environment somehow), but this is something that I can live with.

Thats a really really small bug fix patch and it took such a long time, I hope you can deal with bugs faster on release I really want this game to be sucsesful , just couse i want a good arpg game that has full offline mode but leagues that are implemented like in POE and this is that game, as well I see that you guys really have passion toward what you are creating thank you SO SO MUCH FOR THE FULL OFFLINE MODE <3 Greatings from Croatia

This is a hotfix designed to fix very specific pressing bugs and does not reflect even a tiny piece of all the things we have been working on.

Full offline mode is still coming with 1.0.

In case you missed it, here is a screenshot of what the selection UI will look like when launching the game.
image (1gg3)


I know for the full offline thats the reason I bough the game 2 plus years ago thank you guys so much for it, I hope you fix all of the bugs that other people are complaining for this game to have huge win that it deserves. Why you do not release patche for all the bugs you have solved I dont get it?

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Because making a build to add thoses few fixes, then test it to see if it does not add any uninteded interactions/new bugs , then release it, then start again would be extremely time consuming and rather inefficient in the long run.

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It should also be noted that the full team is now focused on finishing 1.0, so taking the time to make bug patches is reserved only for important stuff and will take longer than usual. In fact, I expect they have already fixed a lot more bugs already, they just haven’t wasted time trying to make a patch for it.
Once 1.0 launches I expect the full team to be on bug fixing mode, so bugs and re-balances will roll out much faster.

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