Beta 0.9.2j Patch Notes

Hello Travelers!

A quick hotfix today to resolve an issue where a small number of players were unable to log in.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some newly created characters were being generated with items using a newer version of item serialization that the live client was not able to deserialize preventing the character from loading, or any character if the item was placed in the stash.

What we’re Working on

Along with today’s hotfix, we also want to provide a quick update of some of the bugs and fixes we are continuing to work on.

Temporal Sanctum Progression Blocker (offline)

A fix went out for this in 0.9.2f, however withheld the patch note as we still saw a reproduction of the case internally. However, we believe this was purely internal and the fix did correctly work. If you’re still experiencing blockers in offline Temporal Sanctum, please let us know.

Volatile Zombie loop

There is a bug with two nodes in Volatile Zombie that are triggering while at negative mana. (Abilities which consume mana shouldn’t trigger while at negative mana.)

We have some fixes and adjustments we’ve made internally focused around these bugs and skill interactions which are currently planned to be released at 1.0, which we’ll share for awareness. Please note that these changes are still subject to further change, or omission with other changes. The planned changes:

  • Fixed a bug where Volatile Zombies’s Grand Sacrifice and Effigy of Combustion could trigger while on negative mana
  • Volatile Zombie changes: Dreadful Horde and Giant Zombie now only have a 10% chance to trigger their effects on indirect casts (from always triggering), such as via Awakening Presence or the Experimental Belt affix
  • Giant Zombie gives 120% increased mana cost (from 300%)

Our current decision of not releasing these in a hotfix is due to the power of the builds that rely on this, and that it doesn’t greatly impact performance negatively (server and/or client). We generally want to avoid hotfix changes that suddenly invalidate builds, particularly when that change could prevent others from pushing as far on leaderboards. We’re always eager to hear your thoughts on these sorts of decisions.

The changes to Giant Zombie were unrelated to the bugs, but are general changes to make indirectly casting Giant Zombie less necessary when using Volatile Zombie as a damage skill.

Other Fixes we’re working on

Here’s a list of some of the other fixes we’re currently working on. Please keep in mind this is not exhaustive, but some of the more commonly reported items which are in the works.

  • Flurry collides with players and minions in online play
  • Flurry is producing too many projectiles
    • We’ve seen reports of this still occurring since the last patch, and are re-investigating
  • Flurry sometimes not hitting with very high attack speeds
  • Detonating Arrow Cone is exploding in the wrong direction
  • Flame Rush tracks Rune generation between skill uses
  • Effigy boss (giant worm) can spawn loot off the map
  • Skeleton enemies missing health bars and hover outlines
  • Enemies in arena not properly animating after spawning
  • Runic Invocation’s “Unbridled Ruin” not providing its damage bonus
  • Teleporting back to town doesn’t put you near your portal

Update - 17:42 CT

We have deployed a fix following the patch to resolve an issue where players were unable to transition zones, or connect to some towns (such as upon log-in). If you’re still experiencing these issues, please make sure you restart your client and have the latest patch. We apologize for the disruption.


I hope the “decal” bug where glyph/rune info boxes appear during crafting then remain on screen as an overriding item is high on your bug list. it’s blocked combats for me and I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had to return to a town or End of Time to clear it. Or logged out entirely from frustration.

As an additional info for you: This also happens with Detonating Arrow.

Anyone unable to load into different instances? I logged into two different chars and can’t leave the End of Time. Keep getting the message “[LE-77] Client Version is out of date for online play. Upgrade and try again.” I just updated to version 0.9.2J.


yeah im stuck in End of Time. I keep getting a server error.

Devs are aware and working on it



Yes, same issue after I updated.

Close game. Update client server. Profit. :smile:

EDIT: Never mind the tongue-and-cheek reply. Apparently even after doing what I said, it is still giving that error. I shall eat a storm crow as penance.

EDIT 2: A verify files has NOT appeared to fix it.

Same thing for me

I got out of end of time.

I made an offline character and then logged back into my online character and was able to port to my next quest objective. kinda weird.

What fixed it for me.

Logged off.

Did other things for about 15 minutes.

Came back, logged in. Everything worked.

Fix that Unity startup error at last omg… not possible to play at all with that awful bug.

As you said that you want to hear our opinions…
My opinion is that between big patches, no skill should have its power reduced (or costs increased) because the reason you pointed out (invalidate builds) and it would be unfair. But if the change would be to make the skill stronger, it would be 100% ok. As people express their opinions in chat, everybody like and approve your decisions because they make the game very fun. If a game is not fun, it is not worth to play.

I think there becomes a point where the power level of the build becomes so egregious that it should be hotfixed. In this case, the build can push forever in arena and is guaranteed to be top of the leaderboards. I can’t imagine this build will function after the multitude of bugs that enable it are fixed. I can see waiting to fix it to leading to more players playing it while they can so they can push the leaderboard only to have it be bricked once it’s fixed. It’s better to rip the Band-Aid off before more harm is done.

Lastly, I don’t enjoy playing games where I am inadvertently relying on bugs. I assume the bug will be fixed and the build will be bricked. This has really sucked the fun out of the game once I realized how much I was benefiting from the x7 elemental penetration bug. It’s impossible for me to judge the power level of my build after some future bug fix that will negatively impact it. The sooner these kinds of bugs are fixed the sooner I’ll be back to enjoying the game.


No fixes to Sentinel/Void Knight to be specific? Abyssal Echoes is bugged which I’ve reported ingame, Void Cleave is bugged also reported ingame. Sentinel desperately needs some rework too, currently the weakest class in the game by far.

To add to this, the longer you wait to fix such builds, the more people will adopt it and consider valid and demand they stay and more people will be angry when you finally fix them.


Yeah, while I was writing I was considering that, in general, overpowered bugs relying in bugs are only fixed after some months, so the player may have invested heavily on it and it would be bad to, all of a suddenly, fix it if it is not a big Patch. If it is fixed as fast as possible when the bug is discovered, it is ok. But after a long time, it is better to patch it in a big patch and let people continue to be op until the big patch.
Or, at least warn that the bug was detected and it will be patched at any moment, so people don’t create builds around it.

I’d also like to add that fixing something like the infinite ward exploit, which is clearly not working as intended, as soon as possible also shows the players that they are capable of handling these cases before they negatively impact the game (economy, challenges & events and leaderboards) when 1.0 hits.

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I love having some kind of passive skills, that you dont have to activate manually, but the riciculous part of this skill is that you can specialize in it and dont have to put it on your skillbar to work. I use Transplant instead.

But i would hate that the skill gets gutted. The game lives from making smart builds that have a lot of synergy and i think the high mana cost is already limit enough. No reason to butcher it.

  • Volatile Zombie changes: Dreadful Horde and Giant Zombie now only have a 10% chance to trigger their effects on indirect casts (from always triggering), such as via Awakening Presence or the Experimental Belt affix

What exactly does this mean? What effects have their chance to trigger being lowered?