Beta 0.9.2i Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Soul Eater Backslot was on the wrong layer causing some decals to appear on top of it
  • Fixed a number of abilities that, in online play, when used multiple times in the same scene would stop working or start behaving differently. The most common occurrences of this issue were:
    • Blade Shield would not spawn Shurikens after first cast in a scene, if it hit an enemy
    • Flurry would generate too many arrows and Multishot procs
    • Cinder Strike’s first attack would not deal damage
  • Fixed a bug where Town Chat would be unavailable while in a town scene
  • Several bugfixes for Town reliability and connection issues
  • Fixed a bug where Frost Claw projectiles would be deleted when coming into contact with Water
  • Fixed a bug where Osprix Raiders would appear invisible in Liath’s Tower


  • Added Keybind for “Force Move”. This is unbound by default.
  • Removed Lost Caches from spawning in Arena Echoes

Bug Reporting Tool

  • Updated dropdown options to better match types of bug reports
  • Replaced “Severity” selection with a “Unable to Progress” checkbox
  • Added additional information to Bug Report Tool for contacting support when looking for assistance rather than submitting a report

This was stated in hotfix c, Hotfix F was a little larger and then a few small hotfixes since. Just curious if there is still a “Larger” patch in the works especially with 1.0 having a date a little further back. :slight_smile:

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“Larger” in this case referred to more fixes in a single patch. We’re not planning any Major patches (content patches) such as 0.9.3 prior to 1.0.


If this patch is live, the multishot bug is still happening for me (where after an extended period of time it starts to proc too much and is super fast). cheers.

Also, just want to mention the detonating arrow cone POV issue, i’ve been waiting for that to be fixed :slight_smile:

Thank you for the report! I’ve let the team know you’re still encountering it, and we’ve put it back on the board for further investigation.

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Flurry would generate too many arrows and Multishot procs.

Yes it did…but I dont understand why you patch something which makes a build somehow viable without buffing it in another way?
Now, NOBODY will play flurry/multishot. Thats just bad and lazy balancing/design sry.

Even with the bug people made it with flurry/multishot just to wave 200…

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A huge bug has appeared with this patch. Attacking with the mouse’s left button is broken.
I have set my left button to attack with Ability 1 when the cursor is on an enemy. Since last patch, when I hold the button on an enemy, instant of repeating ability 1, my character attack only once, then try to move to the cursor’s position.
Tested both online and offline, with different characters.

Not unreasonable questions! The reason we want to fix the flurry bug has two major factors: The first is that the flurry bug is unreliable. It doesn’t happen all the time, nor does it happen for all players. It’s not a “fair” bug. The second, is that the flurry bug has a massive performance cost. Projectiles are one of the more costly things for both server and client performance as they need to track and check collision along their path as they travel, then calculating damage when they do interact with a hitbox. For server performance, it also has to share projectile information so other clients can render the projectiles. There’s certainly performance tricks at play to minimize this, but with the shear quantity of projectiles, it still adds up to a lot.

As for “Why not a corresponding buff with the fix?”. This is because discussions need to happen regarding the skill as for why it’s behind in popularity, what the best way to go about buffing it is, getting those buffs in, testing them to see if they achieve the goal, then finally releasing them. In essence: “time”. We have to make decisions constantly regarding where our resources are spent, and when. Spending time discussing and looking into flurry and working on buffing it now means we don’t have those resources now for fixing other bugs, getting Item Factions ready, etc.

We certainly understand the feeling of a build getting nerfed after spending time building it up, and getting items for it, even if it’s because of a bug, and we do want to avoid changes which heavily impact builds mid-cycle. We also have to make a call as to when we have to. In the case of flurry, not being available to all players, not being reliable in how much effect it has, as well as greatly impacting performance on both clients and servers it falls over the line on a bug we need to get a fix out for.


I’m still encountering a bug that has left me unable to progress with the main questline. I’m stuck on the Use the Artificial Waypoint quest - no matter how many times I go through the Artificial Waypoint, the quest does not get checked off.

The same bug has been reported on Reddit by quite a few people, but it seems there has been no response about this yet:

I think the “no response about this yet” isn’t really entirely true. @EHG_KissingAiur actually responded to it a month ago and asked more detail about the actual occurrence and was provided some more info that it was during multiplayer play and ~23 days ago said that they were going to look into it internally and see if they can reproduce it.

That tells me that they are actually testing it. Just because they haven’t provided an update since doesn’t mean they aren’t tracking and working it.

Would an update on their progress be good? Sure. But saying they haven’t responded at all isn’t being quite honest.

Let’s hope that they are getting close to a solution and we hear about it soon.


Ty for pointing this out, appreciate it.
I fully can understand your point of view and I am also aware it is Beta now.
But from gamer side - also considering 1.0 - it is always (also in other games) super annoying and frustrating if you spend dozens or hundred of hours building, min/maxing a char and then suddenly something gets patched/nerfed and then your char is 4x weaker than before.
I was thinking of not reworking skills, damage calculations in a complicated way, I was thinking more like “ok we have to patch this and that, build will become significantely weaker. Instead of just leaving it like this, we buff just the base damage of flurry, multishot or what so ever by 50% so that the build stays somehow viable” fe.

As it is going to be a PoE-style seasons system, this is pretty much what is going to happen between each cycle anyway.
Just don’t get too attached to a character, and even less to a build.

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If it is between cycles and not within a cycle I am total fine with it :wink:

Things that are well, truly, and totally broken OP build wise should be fixed as soon as possible. I always get a chuckle out of min/maxers( who should know something is really OP broken) getting their panties in a bunch when devs fix something like that as soon as possible, and then they complain that the developer are somehow against “fun”. The entitlement just oozes in copious amounts from such online diatribes. Those gaming the play as their standard modus operandi instead of playing the game should not be taken seriously.

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Mike said the potential problem with that is if the original build scores so highly on the leaderboards that any other build/player is unable to compete then the fix/nerf mid-league would make it impossible to beat that original place.

That makes sense. But then if anyone wants to beat the high score they have to play the same broken build or hope they find something just as broken? What if it is something that is very clearly an exploit?

Some ARPGs (I know D3 did this for sure) clean those builds from the leaderboards when the build is based on a bug/exploit. I think PoE has also done that in the past, though I can’t be sure, since I’ve never really cared about leaderboards myself.
Either way, if you’re using a bugged build (and anyone that’s on top of a leaderboard with one of those builds know that it’s a bug/exploit for certain) you shouldn’t be surprised if it gets fixed and then removed from leaderboards. Seems like a fair system to me.

On the other hand, if a build is strong in a legit way, and it’s fairly balanced (meaning other builds have a chance to compete with it, even if they’re not as strong), then all’s good in my book.