Beta 0.9.1d4 Patch Notes & Server Maintenance


  • Made some configuration changes in advance of the Server Maintenance scheduled for tonight.

Server Maintenance

As announced last week:

We will be performing some Server Maintenance today, Monday, August 21st. This will require our servers to be unavailable for approximately 12 hours. Offline mode will still be available during this time.

This maintenance period is expected to run from 2023-08-22T03:00:00Z2023-08-22T15:00:00Z (displayed in your Local Tme).


We’re investigating an issue that has occurred after this maintenance. We’re brought matchmaking down, meaning you can’t join new servers, and some players may be kicked. Offline is still available. We’ll provide an estimate when able.

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It looks like you brought the entire game down to investigate this, not only matchmaking.
Any update on the status? I’ve been trying since 30 mins after the maintenance time and was good for a very short time and it hasn’t been up since.

do we have some news now ?

1 disaster after another, was looking forward to giving it a blast again after spending all my time on D4. Oh well D4 has its problems but its working at least.

Don’t give up on them, I know it’s taking some time but it should be worth it. I’m just looking for an update.

Online play is back up now. Apologies for the lack of updates in the meantime, we weren’t able to give an accurate estimate in the middle of it.


thanks for all your hard work, super excited from runemaster!


Whoo! Thank you.

Awesome! Thank you!

Good timing, my 3 day PoE bender has just ended. Thanks team!

Hi, dungeon doors stopped working too.


Old bugs poppin up again?
Normal day of work @EHG LUL

We’ve just now re-deployed the Windows client build for this update to resolve some issues causing Dungeons to not work properly.