Beta 0.9.1d2 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a race condition introduced by 0.9.1d which caused players to sometimes be disconnected after loading a zone.

So you’ve started preparing for races & competitions & the like?

They might be, but that’s almost certainly not what’s being referred to here. In programming, a race condition is a situation where two independent agents (computers in a network/across the internet, threads belonging to a multi-threaded program, etc) try to access the same data at the same time but aren’t correctly synchronised with each other, leading to one agent overwriting the other’s actions or causing the other’s actions to be incorrectly performed.


Seems like game won’t disconnect you anymore, although now it gets frozen on loading screen while changing zone… Maybe it’s just me, but never had that issue before.

I started having this issue since 0.9.1d2 as well

I too have started seeing the game hang on ‘Loading Echo’ - seen this twice in the space of an hour today. Not seen before 0.9.1d2.

Having same problem. Endless loading echo. Have to alt+f4 it

If you’re having loading issues, verifying the integrity of game files in Steam should fix it. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

I’m working on tracking down why this happens sometimes; there might be an issue with how Steam applies patches in some situations. I’m not sure.

Besides the hard freezes in monos has anyone else been getting hard freezes just trying to launch the game? every day now since 0.9c the 1st time I try to load the game per day it hard freezes. I can’t alt+f4 or close it in the task manager as every program is unresponsive. I can only hold the power button on my pc until it shuts down. verified the game files every time. says it’s fine every time.

A few other things. I haven’t found 1 since 0.9d so this may be fixed but in offline in 0.9c the scorpion shrine freezes the game for ~1.5 seconds. also the game freezes if you try to do a quest mono before doing a regular 1st still despite this bug being around for 6+ months. oh and chat keeps popping up despite being disabled in offline.

I hope this gets fixed soon. I’m not risking bricking my pc. I swear every other update since 0.9 just breaks something. 0.8-0.9 none of this stuff ever happened. I get there’s gonna be some growing pains with mp but man the game feels rough rn.

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