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Beta 0.8.4g Patch Notes


  • Fixed a bug where new players that bought the game on Steam but registered their account via our website would encounter an LE-24 error when first starting the game.
  • Fixed the Crafting Guide in the crafting window being outdated.
  • Updated some error messages.

Good work as always!

i have buyed the game and say steam linked and is false, in steam cant play Last epoch only buy…

thanks for hard work even on holidays

I think it’s a good one. :joy:

happy new year, you guys are awesome

If you contact support we can look into this for you. Sorry about that!

After this last patch, the game won’t start for me. I click on Play, after a few seconds, the splash screen appears with the Last Epoch logo and then just crashes. No error message appears.

Edit: I’m checking the support page and will try to repair it.

Edit 2: Yeah, that worked. Sorry for the quick trigger, guys!

Nice guys, very good job!

good work, got a lot of lads keen to buy this game when multiplayer hits so cant wait!

Nice to see that the crafting guide is now actualized.