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Beta 0.8.2f Patch Notes


  • Fixed a bug where opening the Crafting Materials window would permanently affect performance for the rest of the gameplay session. This reduced fps by 20-30 in our testing.
  • Still having performance issues? Try these steps while we continue working on improvements:
    • Validate the game’s files.
    • Restart your computer and reduce how many apps are running.
    • Install any Windows updates.
    • Update your drivers or any other pending software upgrades.

YESSS! Pre-patch I was going from 120fps to 10fps after about 20 minutes of gameplay. Hopefully this will keep me around 25fps… thank you all for the hard work!!!

Thank you for this fix. Found it weird that my FPS kept going down and at one point I was down to like 30-35 FPS from 60 with my RTX 3090, now it all makes sense :slight_smile:

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LE is more CPU-bound than GFX bound.