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Beta 0.8.2e Patch Notes


  • Reduced the damage of Ice Whirlwinds used by Wengari Spires by 37.5%.
  • Reef Time Gates spawn more Stranded Sailors.
  • Yulia’s Husk deals 500% more damage with her Ice Mortar and 40% less damage with her Ice Vortex.
  • Enemy healthbars now disappear more quickly when they die.
  • Added additional details to the outskirts of the world map.
  • The “total affix tiers of” loot filter condition now looks at the affixes you’ve selected in that rule instead of all affixes on the item.
    • To achieve the old functionality, make a rule that has all affixes selected.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused leaderboard entries to be removed. Old leaderboard entries can’t be recovered, but this won’t happen anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where the Shade of Orobyss could not use cold abilities on targets within melee range.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible for the world map for End of Time to get stuck, preventing you from panning.
  • The notice for viewing additional quests now shows the map keybind instead of the old quest journal keybind.
  • Fixed some outdated information in the Game Guide and loading screen tips.
  • Fixed the “clear search” button for loot filters not working.
  • Fixed Voidwing Nests not having an outline on hover.

We have also found a performance issue caused by the UI updates in 0.8.2 and will have a fix out as soon as we can.


Just: you are amazing guys! THANK YOU!

Keep em comin guys, loving the game!

Thanks for the clean-up on isle 6!

thanks ehg team

My Forge Guard is bricked and cannot unlock empowered monoliths

Not sure what happened but my entire game is now running at like 10FPS since these patches. I literally cant play the game anymore because of it. I turned down my graphic quality to the lowest and it didnt change anything.

Nvidia user? With the new Windows H2 I have had several times the game starts on the motherboard graphics. You hardly notice in town, but as soon as you start fighting it rapidly becomes a shuttershow.

Big one.

I lost some HC Chars on that Quest Echo Fight >. <

Also a big one. Thank you for the quick functionality update.

Now the loot filter is truly amazing

Thanks! I might add a suggestion, add functionality when you click the affix UI element when in crafting window, the affix tab will get hidden so I do not have to close it up with a “cross” every time I misclick

awesome hotfixing speed :smiley: :+1:

Nice :drooling_face:

Every time the game is updated I’m going to have a problem, can’t get into login game, what the hell?