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Beta 0.8.2d Patch Notes

Monolith of Fate

  • Lowered the stability requirements of the 3rd quest echo for all timelines other than the first.
    • This reduction is smaller for non-empowered timelines.
    • The 3rd quest echo now requires 1000 stability for all empowered timelines (from 1000 to 1350 depending on timeline).
  • “Slay enemies to locate __” is now listed as a separate objective in the quest tracker for echoes that use a delayed objective pulse (Bosses and Time Gates).
  • Time Gates now also have delayed objective pulses like Bosses.
  • The threshold for showing delayed monolith objective pulses now varies based on zone. It’s higher than before in most zones, but lower in zones where going in a random direction may result in significant backtracking.
  • The icons for unavailable echoes are now darker and less saturated to make available echoes more clear.
  • Adjusted the position of the monolith reward object in Echo of a World.


  • Greatly improved the performance of hideable objects (things that fade out when they block the camera). This likely caused stutters or reduced fps in many zones.
  • Players have reported that validating game files can help with performance or stability issues. We’ll continue investigating, but validating files, updating drivers / OS and restarting your computer are good troubleshooting steps.

Other Changes

  • Updated 2d art for Aurora’s Time Glass and Flight of the First
  • The Possess ailment deals 33% increased damage.
  • Updated sounds for the monolith reward object in Echo of a World.
  • Removed Detonate Corpse from the list of skills on Lich when creating a new character.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that allowed gaining infinite amounts of gold.
  • Fixed a bug where the spin attack used by Desecrated Flesh was not cancelled by killing or stunning the enemy.
  • Fixed a bug where Puncture’s Mutilate node did not restore health.
  • Fixed a bug where The Claw and The Fang would not summon all wolves at once.
  • Fixed being able to click through the character stats window in some places.
  • Fixed being able to click through skill unlock notifications in the passives window.
  • Fixed the search bar for the Game Guide not having a cancel button.
  • Fixed Dreamthorn’s 3d art being incorrect.

regarding performance/ optimization, i get heave frame-drops from 60 to ~30 if i’m near spire projectiles falling to the ground. Win10 & drivers are up to date and game files are verified.


This update gave out a fatal error Imgur: The magic of the Internet

This happens after the launcher goes and starts the game. So it wont load and throws out that error

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More fixes!

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H2 Windows update also changed the behaviour of the Nvidia control panel. If you had that set to use your Nvidia and not motherboard graphics your choice is ignored. Now there is a Windows Control Panel where you basically select the graphics processor, albeit with very few options.
Edit: I loaded into zones that looked fine but as soon as I started combat I got only a couple of fps as you would expect :slight_smile:

Yeah same issue. Huge FPS drops on projectile impact

great fixes !

Please fix spriggan vines AI and spriggans of the grove blessrng

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I also have large FPS drops from spire projectiles, especially for the frost projectiles.