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Beta 0.8.1i Patch Notes


  • Introduced a number of new chat-focused error messages.
  • Improved existing error messages used by our chat system.

We’re working on a substantial number of improvements targeting our in-game chat system, the experience of reporting chat messages, and the customer service experience. We have not yet determined whether some of these can be implemented prior to Patch 0.8.2.

NOTE: Patch 0.8.1h was only released on Steam as it fixed a bug unique to the Steam client.


Nice! Slow and Steady!

Wooo now I get to watch the anti/pro PoE flamewars more consistently.


Don’t forget the politics, that’s a delight to behold as well…

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It was great seeing Devs in chat last night.


I agree! Love chatting with Judd and Alux! Keep up the great work! :heart_eyes:

:bow_and_arrow: Crossbows!! :bow_and_arrow:

Funny I was just thinking this game needs some power shot builds aka 2 handed ranged weapons (crossbows) and I am going to ask in the next dev stream about 2h weapons and crossbows.
General speaking 2h weapons need some love.

I do have to agree 2h is looking kinda weak atm. I found a cool unique and wanted to do a build on it. Started to see how few things there are that really benefit them. However I think as soon as volatile reversal gets fixed I might be able to pull it off. However as of now it’s kinda DOA.

Maybe they could do something like damage affixes are 2.5x more effective on a 2h vs 1h or something

This definitely gives a sense of connection to the community. The Dev stream Q&As are also always both entertaining and informative!

Awesome sauce

is 8GB ram enough? the game loads like forever, so sad…

me, still, love you long time, though…

seems like all in-game chats turn into Barrens chat almost immediately.

I"ve come here as a refugee from PoE, which imo, has lost its way


:bow_and_arrow: i agree :bow_and_arrow: :heart:

Since the 0.8.1i the game crashes on start up for me. Not had any problems before. Using latest nvidia drivers and can’t find any useful logs.

And PoE2 crits you for 1 million*


Keep it up we’ll be in 8.2 in no time

is 8GB ram enough? the game loads like forever, so sad…

Do you have the game installed on your SSD?


This. SSD makes more of a difference in loading times than anything else.


I’ve got an nvme never saw so much as a stutter loading anything in.