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Beta 0.8.1g Patch Notes


  • Fixed a bug where on kill effects would proc if the player brought themselves below 0 health.
  • Improved the font for certain characters in chat.

Known Issues

  • Chat messages sometimes appear twice. This is a server-side issue and we plan to deploy a fix very soon.

Thank you!

Thanks for the works

Ty :grinning:

I am in love with bugs like this. They make perfect sense from just the short description as to (A) how it made it into the game in the first place and (B) how it was found.

B is particularly funny in this case.

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Th :cowboy_hat_face:anks !

i couldnt use it as a playstyle but i will miss having 800 putrid wraiths and 800 bone harvest minions in town that was so cool to see and do

thank you lads , well done.

I like that they’re paying attn to chat bugs and chat QoL issues people have been bringing up.

On a sidenote, I see that other people’s supporter pack titles are showing now but mine isn’t?

I think the forum is still not 100 functional since the last maintence.

But dunno what the current status is on those.

That’s strange.
I made a forum post in Cx Support for now.

Did you buy LE through steam? Have you already linked your LE Acc with Steam?

Nah, bought on LE website and have not done any Steam-related stuff yet. Not sure if we have to link to Steam to show forum badge? That would be odd.

Only if you buy LE through steam, but if you bought it on the website it should work, maybe the badge is not granted in realtime, maybe it has some delay? Dunno.

There’s a known issue with Supporter Badges that affects newer users. You’ll have your badge once the system is updated on our end. Sorry about that!


No worries, thx.
Was just confused seeing lots of other people with theirs, but yes, I suppose only buying the pack around 1-2 weeks ago makes me a new user.

GJ n thank you for the patches

Please take a closer look at the Lagon fight !!! The pathing is a real mess for Summon skeleton warriors and Death knights! They just stand there and doesnt really attack the boss during phase 1 and 3. P2 world fine. Something is just messed up with the platform.

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No, minions are just fine. You have to STOP moving long enough for the minions to be at the center. I have killed him with my necro. The pattern is to move from one side either left or right to the middle PAUSE/STOP moving for about 1 to 1.5 seconds make sure to press A when in middle, then move toward the open spot. You have to pay attention and not just run around like a chicken with your head cut off.

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Thanks for your works and please fix the bug issue with Blade Dance skill name: Dancing Strike… sometimes it stuck, won’t attack monster even I’m still holding the left mouse button