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Beta 0.8.1f Patch Notes

Social Features

  • Social Features (including account linking, chat, cosmetic pets and the ladder) are now re-enabled.
  • Greatly optimized chat performance. We will continue to monitor this.
  • Fixed a bug causing a “Your account is in use on another device” notification to be displayed at incorrect times.

Known Issues

  • Chat messages are sometimes displayed twice. We believe this can be resolved without another game update.

Inching towards multiplayer :cupid:

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i love you all

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oh man, its been so weird not being able to chat with other players if i had a question.

Awesome! Thanks for the update.

Good news! Thanks for the Update.

Thank you Devs! Thanks for the update.

Many thanks.

Thanks for all the hard work, keep it up.

Thanks for the update

thanks! <3

keep going with the updates we support you fully.

amazing game <3

Thanks :heart_eyes:

Thanks :grin:
Nice and fast support :hugs:

Awesome, now how do I turn off chat?

The cog in the top left of chat.

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Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Nice one thanks lads and lasses.

After patching chat is still duplicating some messages in the ALL chat window

i bought the game on steam but i cant login in the game client since this patch