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Beta 0.8.1d Patch Notes


  • Avarice now also grants 13% elemental resistance and no longer prevents health regen.
  • Coral Aegis grants 30% to 43% lightning resistance (from 25% to 41%) and 300% to 430% chance to shock attackers (from 250% to 410%).
  • Dreamthorn grants 35 melee void damage (from 25) and 35% void penetration (from 25%).
  • Frozen Eyes of Formosus grant 80% to 140% increased minion cold damage (from 70% to 120%).
  • Gaspar’s Acuity now also grants 35% to 45% lightning resistance.
  • Gaspar’s Insight now also grants 35% to 45% cold resistance.
  • Herkir’s Vessel grants 60% to 100% increased fire damage (from 30% to 60%).
  • The Last Bear’s Fury grants 3% increased health regen per point of strength (from 2%).
  • Mortality’s Grasp now grants 73 to 113 health (from 50 to 60).
  • Murama’s Hilt grants 85% to 130% increased curse damage (from 80% to 95%).
  • Transient Rest grants 35% physical, poison, and necrotic resistance (from 25%).
  • The water orbs from Ucenui’s Sphere deal 50% more damage.
  • Added lore text for the following uniques that were added in 0.8.1:
    • Bhuldar’s Wrath
    • Call of the Tundra
    • Faith of the Frozen
    • Gaspar’s Will
    • Gaspar’s Acuity
    • Gaspar’s Insight
    • Herkir’s Vessel
    • Horns of Uhkeiros
    • Logi’s Hunger
    • Reign of Winter

Bug Fixes

Monolith of Fate

  • Fixed a bug which could prevent the Empowered versions of each timeline from being unlocked. This fix applies to both new and old characters.
    • Return to the Empowerment Altar in the middle of the 3 level 90 timelines and click on it to unlock the Empowered Timelines.

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where the chat window would not show new messages in some situations.
  • Fixed a bug where the Forge button in the crafting window would become unusable in some situations.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking Cancel while creating a new character with Hardcore enabled would cause the Hardcore tickbox to become inverted (i.e. a checkmark means it is disabled).
  • Removed some false positives from the chat filter.


That’s the last change i expected, great, now my defensive issues on my Void Meteor Mage will be solved (hopefully)

Great to see you guys give Unique/Set Items some love

Is it really you? Crafting Bug gone? WHERE ARE YOU!


Hmm… this might be interesting…

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So many buffs!

Very nice, many thx.

Damn you guys are fast.
Thank you !!

Wt* pure Buffs. Thanks guys!! WOOP WOOP

Finally Dreamthorn gets some love!

The forum system is trying to tell me that “ORB” isn’t a sentence… Oh well.



  • Fixed a bug where clicking Cancel while creating a new character with Hardcore enabled would cause the Hardcore tickbox to become inverted (i.e. a checkmark means it is disabled).

Thank you, this was throwing me off so much when I first encountered it lmao

this is a buff

my Gaspar’s Insight is broken? :thinking:

Yup. It accidentally adds void res instead of cold res

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More happy about this fix than I should be, feel like that’s been one of those annoying little bugs that have been about forever! Yeehaw!

my character bricked from this on March 3 - 24 days ago and others had the bug since February…

Appears to me it was fixed so certain streamers didnt encounter the bug to viewers making the game look bad. I havent played this game in weeks since my character bricked

We had been aware of the bug and were looking into it for some time; it was difficult to track down because it would only happen under specific conditions. We didn’t just decide to fix the bug because streamers might encounter it-- we put out the fix as soon as we found it.

Regardless, you should be able to login to any characters that were affected and play them as normal. Sorry about the wait!


Love you EH