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Beta 0.7.9e Patch Notes

Beta 0.7.9e Patch Notes




  • Dark Nexus now causes you to gain 7 mana every 3 seconds (from reducing channel cost by 2).
  • Zweihander Reichweite increases area by 50% (from 35%) and requires 2 points in Reckless Combatant (from 3).
  • Reckless Combatant now increases melee damage while spinning rather than Warpath Hit damage.
  • Nodes that previously had the condition “while not using a shield” now have the condition “while using a two handed weapon”.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug preventing the Frost Clan chief from spawning in Wengari Battleground.
  • Fixed a bug causing game audio to not play and gameplay errors on macOS.
  • Fixed a regression affecting the game’s ability to recover data after a crash.
  • Fixed a bug where portalling out of Echo of a World and then returning would always display the Fall of the Outcasts timeline, rather than the timeline you were last in.
  • Fixed a bug where respawning in Echo of a World could cause the Fall of the Outcasts timeline to be displayed, rather than the timeline you were last in.
  • Fixed a bug where more monolith modifiers were removed than intended when losing progress at a medium to high amount of Echoes Conquered.
  • You can no longer use town portals to return to Echoes in the Monolith of Fate.
  • Fixed a bug where progress was not saved to the Ladder unless you levelled up or completed a wave in the Arena with the Ladder open in-game.
  • Fixed a bug where the overlay map would be returned to default settings when reloading the game. Opening the settings panel returned it to how you set it.
  • Fixed a bug where item tooltips could flicker on and off in some situations.
  • Fixed cases of effects on the ground (e.g. cracks or moss) projecting onto characters.
  • Fixed a bug where using Shield Rush without a shield used the wrong animation.
  • Fixed a cause of placeholder text being displayed when Monolith modifiers are removed.

Yay, thanks for fixing all that stuff :slight_smile:

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Foreshadowing an ability that lets you use a two handed weapon with 1 hand?

It keeps getting better. thanks :smiley:

Nice one, guys! Keep it up!

I think it’s more for consistency, it’s not the fact that you use a shield that causes you to do more damage, but the use of a two-handed weapon.

Doubtful. More likely they didn’t originally consider sentinels using anything else in their off hand. But with mage off hands available, and dual-wielding upcoming, they needed to button this down tighter.


I’m still looking for a total reversion of the “punish builds that are too good” boss DR mechanic.


Now it stays at default? No zoom.
Othjerwise awesome job so far. =)


It never even occurred to me that those no shield nodes could be used with a non-shield offhand. I guess I just immediately assumed it meant ‘nothing equipped in offhand’.

I am not even sure that could have been abusable though. A top tier 2-h sword is ridiculously powerful for Voidpath builds.

Overlay map was better when it was bugged. Please unfix the fix

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Bravo. The game is looking fantastic. Took a break for a while, and can’t believe how polished everything is looking. Keep up the hard work.

Well, there is the thing with Eye of Reen, Calamity and other chance to ignite stacking. Paladin can get 500-600% chance to ignite and there is that offhand (Ignivars Head) for fire aura and fire damage…

Paladin can get at least 1,100% chance to ignite if you equip all of the ignite-based unique. Though you’ll be squishy as ****.

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I am concerned you are making the game way too easy. I am in the level 28 range and I am over-leveled. There is no challenge anywhere, so i am just going to try and walk through the zones in hopes of challenging content. :((

Amazing game so far, just plz don’t go the Blizzard route and just give me stuff. make me earn it!

The campaign is pretty easy, it gets harder in chapter 8, then you’re in to end-game (monolith/arena) that gets harder.