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Beta 0.7.9c Patch Notes

Beta 0.7.9c Patch Notes


Table of Contents
 1. Monolith of Fate
   1.1. Developer Commentary
 2. Enemies
   2.1. Developer Commentary
 3. Sound
 4. Items
 5. Bug Fixes
   5.1. Assemble Abomination
   5.1. Miscellaneous


Monolith of Fate

  • Abomination boss
    • Tail slam deals 25% more damage
    • Necrotic projectiles deal their maximum damage once they have reached their maximum range rather than continuing to increase in damage on their way back.
      • They now deal 150% more damage at maximum range and when returning (from 200% at maximum range, up to 400% depending on travel duration).
  • There is no longer a penalty to the experience you gain from a zone if your character is a higher level, as long as the area level is above 53.
  • Quest Echoes can now appear earlier in all timelines, and the chance to encounter one has been increased.


Developer Commentary

We have been reading your feedback across Last Epoch’s official forum, community Discord server, community subreddit, and elsewhere. Please note that the goal of hotfixes released one day after the previous update are to make quick adjustments which require minimal QA time and iteration. More extensive changes based on your feedback are planned, however these will take longer to create and test. Thank you for your patience, and for your feedback.

Please do keep the feedback coming.



  • The temporary damage resistance system for bosses is now much more subtle: each stack of resistance is weaker and lasts for a shorter duration.
  • Bosses have much less base damage resistance. With a normal amount of temporary resistance, the damage they take is more comparable to other enemies.
  • Increased boss health to compensate for having lower damage resistance.
  • Bosses also start with some extra resistance which drops off while you fight them, so they no longer take far more damage at the start of a fight. This should prevent the frustrating slow down in the damage you deal to bosses.


Developer Commentary

We are broadly happy with how boss fights are currently taking - however, we recognize that drastic drop offs in damage feel punishing and result in frustratingly low damage numbers. We’ll be shifting some of bosses’ baseline survivability from resistance to health, and having bosses begin fights with damage resistance which wears off over time. These changes should result in damage numbers being both larger and more consistent without having a significant impact on how long it takes to kill bosses.

Our goal is for improving your character’s damage to always cause them to kill bosses more quickly, but not to the extent that relevant boss fights become trivialized - for example, maybe increasing your character’s damage by 80% causes them to kill bosses 50% more quickly. We will continue to monitor your feedback and will work to address it more in future updates once we’ve had the chance to iterate on the system internally.



  • Made Haruspex Orian’s voice lines easier to hear in combat.
  • Added a sound for breakable doors.
  • Reduced the volume on several sound effects;
    • Abyssal Orb’s explosions
    • Ice Nova
    • Tempest Strike
    • Devoured Husk’s attack swing
    • Magma Gorn’s vocals
    • Ravenous Voidform’s slam attack
    • Time Rift opening sound



  • Reduced minion reflect affix values by approximately 25%.


Bug Fixes

Assemble Abomination

  • Fixed a bug where Devour consumed all minions in range, rather than up to 5.
  • Fixed a bug where various types of Wraith and Bone Golem did not count as different types of minions for the Death in the Family and Epicurean nodes.
  • Fixed a bug where the 30% increased damage per consumed minion effect was not working.
  • Fixed a bug where the minion’s animations did not line up with when damage is dealt.
  • Fixed a bug where The Quick and the Dead could not be taken after investing two points in Consume (the connection only worked one way).
  • Fixed a bug where Consume applied to all damage, rather than just hit damage.



  • Added a potential fix for killing the Bones of the Outcasts in The Ransacked Camp not completing the quest. Please post on the bug reports forum with a screenshot and log file if this is still occurring.
  • Reverb sound volume is now controlled by the Sound Effects Volume slider.
  • Fixed a bug where % reflect and flat reflect (thorns) mechanics were not affected by increased/more damage taken modifiers. Previously, Marked for Death did not increase damage taken from reflect, and boss damage resistance did not reduce damage taken from reflect.
  • Fixed various issues with node tooltips for Bone Curse, Dread Shade and Assemble Abomination.
  • Fixed a bug where the search bar for the gambler could not be cleared using the x button.

I am a happy gentleman enjoying my powerful characters again.

Great job devs, great job reacting so quickly. I don’t mind further future iteration and adjustments but this was a very welcome “quick” solutions steering a little bit back

(havn’t teste yet of course, but to see devs steerign back on some of their decisions feels good for me)


Good hotfix!

Good stuff, I like it alot.

Keep the game hard!

Thanks for listening and working on the fix in the record amount of time, the developers on this game are amazing!

Great job! lots of love

Thanks for your hard work!

Thanks for the quick hotfixes and for listening to the community. You guys are awesome!

why nerf to reflect you call bug fixing?
It was many times confirmed by devs, that reflect scales with nothing but damage received.

Earn my first lvl after two days of no progress! feelsgoodman :grinning:

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Thanks for the quick updates and listening to the players! I do hope that an optional check point system goes in eventually but this is a great step forward.

yes thank you !

Because Boardman with 80 wraiths was 1 shotting all the bosses. They made a lot of 1 shot mechanics in this patch and minions sit there and just soak it while doing that super high damage back to boss. It also bypasses DR and resistance which made it silly Over powered.

it should and that’s was stated many times by devs.
even more reflect has no damage type, what resistance should effect it?

Thanx for doing this patch quick and also answer to our post about monolith.

is this a part of the default skill, or a talent?

It is the base functionality for the skill. It was on the tooltip but was not applying to the skill previously.

Thanks for the hotfix!!

thanks, i’ll have to retest it now and present my findings to the feedback forums.

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They never said it was part of a bug fix, it’s a balance change (otherwise it’d be in the “bug fixes” section, not “items”).

Apart from that #BlameBoardman!

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