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Beta 0.7.8f Patch Notes


Death Seal

  • Reduced Wave of Death’s base radius by 5% (reverting the increase from 0.7.8e).
  • Mortal Pulse reduces damage by 50% (from 25%).
  • Tachycardia increases wave frequency by 12% (from 20%).
  • Cycle of Decay grants 20% more damage (from 25%) and can have 3 points allocated (from 4).
  • Curdled Flesh grants 2% more damage per stack (from 3%), but is still capped at 60%.
  • Carrion Breath grants 35% increased area (from 40%), and can have 4 points allocated (from 5).


  • Increased Smite base damage by 11% to match its added damage scaling.

Spirit Plague

  • Deals 13% more damage.
  • Discharge now requires 3 points in Efficacious Application (from 5).
  • Now states its added damage effectiveness in its tooltip.

Tempest Strike

  • Added a node that restores mana when Tempest Strike fails to proc any sub-abilities (Lightning Bolt, Earth Spike, or Northern Winds).

Vale Spirits

  • Increased damage by 15%.



  • Tempest Form also grants 1 mana on Tempest Strike use per point.
  • Sky Armour grants 20 armour per point (from 10).


Torch of the Pontifex

  • Cremate duration reduced to 1.5 seconds (from 4 seconds).
  • Doubled Cremate’s base damage and added damage effectiveness.


  • The “of Symbiosis” Acolyte specific affix now grants 14% to 35% increased spell damage per Skeleton Mage. It previously gave +14 to 35 necrotic spell damage due to a mistake.


  • Skullen Pyromancers
    • Now deal 33% less damage with Fire Spray
    • Are now considered level 33 enemies, rather than level 31 enemies. This will make their health slightly higher in the campaign, but scale less at endgame.


  • Fixed a bug where Torch of the Pontifex’s Cremate effect appeared as a pink circle, and improved its visuals compared to before the bug.
  • Added a visual effect for after the player is teleported during the Lagon fight.
  • Improved the visuals for Thorn Shield (Ice Thorns node).


  • Added vocal sounds that play when abilities are used for enemies in Chapter 2.
  • Added a charge up sound for Sapphiral enemies.
  • Adjusted sounds for many enemies early in the game.
  • Adjusted sounds for elemental hits to fall off (become quieter) at a shorter distance.
  • Added new sounds for Tempest Strike, including the base ability, Charged Stone, Northern Winds, Perfect Storm and Tempestuous.
  • Added new sound effects for Bees.
  • Added new sounds for Revenants.
  • Added a looping fire sound for Flame Wraiths.
  • Added sounds for Focus nodes that deal lightning damage.
  • Added a new sound for Wave of Blood.
  • Added a new sound for Necrotic Mortar.
  • Added a new sound for Lightning Wave.
  • Improved sounds for Spectral and Blood Golems (Bone Golem variants).


  • Improved the performance of Tempest Strike.

Bug Fixes

  • We have identified and resolved a prevalent crash affecting Windows users with AMD video cards. (Stack Trace: WriteParticleMeshIndices)
    • We’d like to thank AMD for collaborating with us on this issue and the resources they provided us.
  • Fixed a bug where the Character Introduction videos would fail to play on Linux. This meant the game got stuck on a black screen when creating a character, requiring a game restart.
  • Fixed a bug that caused log files to be very large (d3d11: failed to lock buffer).
  • Fixed a bug where freezing a Siege Golem would not always cancel its ballista attack.
  • Fixed the Increased Shield Throw Critical Strike Chance affix granting more critical strike chance rather than increased critical strike chance.
  • Fixed a bug where Drain Life’s poison conversion node did not give it the poison tag.
  • Fixed Holy Aura’s Expedite node not granting Haste on hit.
  • Fixed some icons in Reaper Form’s tree appearing as a blank image.
  • Fixed a bug where the Increased Warpath Area stat from Idols only applied while using a shield.

alot of great work here guys. but my ponifex pink circle gone makes me sad. hopefully more pink in our future! keep up great work!


The bane of melee is defeated! Well… they’ll still be a scary threat, but at least I’ll be able to manage packs of them now!

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Thank you for this patch.
I appreciate the new sound effects :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the patch guys.

That Vale spirit buff looks yummy…Awesome work!

Nice changes, glad to see balancing. Frenzy totem tether still broken and it’s a key factor in a lot of builds :frowning:

Thanks for the patch!!! Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Small smite buff. Thank you! Guess I’ll log in and put together my smite build again and see what it feels like.

Whats the estimated release date you guys are aiming for?

Also any chance you guys could go for adding some endgame parts in next? I assume most of the playerbase is in the endgame and I’ve been grinding monos and arena for a few months and would LOVE to start experiencing the other endgame stuff that was outlined in the plan, sounds so interesting.

Keep up the great work and excellent game!

thanks amd, and last epoch games!

Q4 2020 is still the planned release date, unless something changes from now until then.

Phase 3 is likely to begin soon…maybe even the next big patch. It has one end-game system in it, Gates of Memorium. I’m not saying this specifically gets added in the next patch, but it should be added at some point during Phase 3 (which typically takes several major patches to implement a single phase).

We also got teased that a Phase 4 item is coming in the next major patch, so who knows. :wink:

Hello, I’m playing on linux and I did get constant crash every 5 - 15 minutes but since that last patch, I played around 1hours without any issue.

Thanks a lot! Continue your great work!

Actually god tier

Ok so this patch works on linux… how?! when?! what?! :slight_smile: i didnt see anything in patch notes about that… anyway… thanks!!!

Thanks for the patch!!! Great work you guys are doing out there!!!

Solid work! Does the team feel this brings death seal to that “115%” now?

Between last patch Warpath boost and now this, my paladin I’ve been working on for a while now is starting to feel MUCH more viable. From every melee fanatic let me just be the first to say THANK YOU!

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Skullen Pyromancers are not the bane of melee for me, Siege Golems are ^^

Torch of the Pontifex

Cremate duration reduced to 1.5 seconds (from 4 seconds).
Doubled Cremate’s base damage and added damage effectiveness.

Interesting, might be an elemental proliferation build enabler now ? :smiley:

Uhmm Death Seal again?

I was concerned as well but definitely still pretty strong while playing it