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Beta 0.7.8e Patch Notes

Patch 0.7.8e Is Now Available!

Patch 0.7.8e is now available on Windows, Linux, and macOS!


Death Seal

  • Fixed a bug where Sanguine Subvention (health leech) did not work.
  • Sanguine Subvention now grants 0.2% leech per second sealed, not the 1% that it stated before.
  • Blood Bond now grants minions 10% more damage (from 7%).
  • Corrupted Consciousness grants 1% increased damage per 3% missing health (from 1% per 2% missing health).
  • Pustulent Presence grants 1% poison chance per 3% missing health (from 1% per 2% missing health) can have 4 points allocated (from 5)
  • Frenzied Accord’s damage and crit chance modifiers are now multiplicative.
  • Lethal Release is now multiplicative with other modifiers.
  • Sanguine Wave can have 3 points allocated (from 5).

Deal Seal - Death Wave

  • Base damage and added damage effectiveness reduced by 17%.
  • Mortal Pulse causes death waves to deal 25% less damage.
  • Damage multipliers from missing health, duration, and the tree are now multiplicative with each other rather than additive, and no longer only affect hit damage.
  • Now deals more damage based on the flat duration that Death Seal was active, rather the proportion of its maximum duration that had passed. This means that increasing Death Seal’s maximum duration no longer decreases Death Wave’s damage if triggered early.
  • The numerical values of its damage multipliers from time and missing health are now listed on its tooltip.
  • Fixed a bug where the Death’s Breath node granted increased radius rather than increased area. To maintain similar resultant AoEs the following changes have been made:
    • Increased Death Wave’s base radius by 5%.
    • Death’s Breath now grants 40% increased area per point (from 20% increased radius).
  • This results in the following change in radius (compared to 0.7.8d) at the following number of points invested in Death’s Breath:
    • 0: +5%
    • 1: +4%
    • 2: +1%
    • 3: -3%
    • 4: -6%
    • 5: -9%

Reaper Form

  • Health drain accelerates more quickly while in Reaper Form. The formula for health drained per second is now 0.06t^2 + 0.3t +2 (instead of 0.05t^2 + 0.3t +2), where t is the number of seconds you have spent in Reaper Form.
  • Reap now has a 3 second cooldown (from 2 seconds).
  • Added a new node near the start of the tree that reduces Reap’s Cooldown by 17% per point and can have 2 points allocated.

Spirit Plague

  • Discharge causes Spirit Plague to spread after 3 seconds (from 4)
  • Laceration grants 30% chance (from 25%) and can have 5 points allocated (from 4)
  • Plague Burst grants 10% spread chance (from 15%)
  • Toxic Transmission can have 2 points allocated (from 3)
  • Gift of Death requires 1 point in toxic transmission (from 2)
  • Enfeeblement reduces damage by 5% (from 6%)
  • Anguish can have 2 points allocated (from 3)

Storm Totem

  • Deals 15% more damage.

Summon Wolf

  • Patient Hunters now grants 15% more damage over time and also grants 15% increased bleed effect (from 25% more damage over time).

Summoned Wraiths

  • Health decay for all types of Wraiths is now slower initially, but accelerates more rapidly.
  • Wraiths, Flame Wraiths, and Putrid Wraiths deal 25% more damage.
  • Blood Wraiths deal 108% more damage, but attack 29% more slowly. This results in a dps increase of about 49%.


  • Disabled the Ossification node (Bone Armor damage immunity) because when combined with Death Seal’s Skeletal Sheath node it allowed for almost constant damage immunity.


  • Unchained grants 6% more hit damage (from 5% increased crit chance).
  • Quicksilver Wind grants 10% increased movement speed (from 8%), but can have 4 points allocated (from 5).
  • Whirling Blades grants 10% more hit damage while spinning (from increasing Warpath’s hit damage by 10%) and is now multiplicative with the increases from Reckless Combatant, Warbringer, and Draining Assault.
  • Draining Assault now grants 15% more damage while spinning (from increasing Warpath’s hit damage by 15%) and is now multiplicative with the increases from Reckless Combatant, Warbringer, and Whirling Blades.


  • Adjusted item drop rates from different enemy rarities.
    • Reduced the base chance for enemies to drop items by 3%.
    • Increased the chance for magic enemies to drop items by 13%.
    • Increased the chance for rare enemies to drop items by 25%.
  • The Rare versions of enemies that have high amounts of health now gain a smaller amount of health as area level increases.
    • All Rare enemies have an increase to their health that is based on the level of area they are in.
    • This increase was already smaller for enemies that naturally have lots of health, and has been made even smaller with this patch.
    • At level 100, tanky rare enemies (such as Siege Golems) will have up to 8% less health compared to 0.7.8d, and 13% less health compared to 0.7.8.
  • Haruspex Orian (Ulatri Cliffs)
    • Increased item drop rate.
    • Can now drop potions when hit like other bosses.
    • Deals 7% more damage and has 5% more health.
  • Umbral Pursuers have 17% more health and always drop items.
  • Reduced the initial damage of Scorched Earth (sky laser that leaves burning ground) by 33% for Winged Fires and by 20% for the Covenant of Dominion.
  • Immortal Overseers have 38% more health and deal 20% more damage.
  • Siege Golems deal 10% less damage over time.
  • Feline Chimeras, Avialine Chimeras, Blood Chimeras, Giant Scorpions, Osprix Vanguards, Profane Flesh, and Voidfused Earths no longer spawn in arenas that have significant elevation changes.


  • Added a visual effect for Liath teleporting during her fight.
  • Reduced the intensity of the Scorched Earth ability used by Winged Fires.

User Interface

  • Passive nodes in the lower section of all mastery classes now list “Requires Mastery Quest Completion” after the level requirements.
  • Changed crafting item labels to a lighter color.


  • Plague Bearer’s Staff can now roll up to 220% poison chance (from 250%).


  • Improved the sound effect for Lagon’s slam attacks.
  • Changed the sound used for Frenzy Totem’s Tether effect.
  • Changed the sound used for Blood Tether and Blood Burst.
  • Updated the sound for Warpath.
  • Added new sounds for Aura of Decay and procs from its skill tree.
  • Siege Golems have a better windup sound for their ballista shots.
  • Replaced Pyre Golem’s sound effects.
  • Added a new sound effect for Bone Prison (Mark for Death node).
  • Added a new sound effect for Bone Armor (Transplant and Death Seal node).
  • Added new sound effects for Bone Minions (Transplant node).


  • Improved the performance of buffs and debuffs.
  • Improved the performance of ailments in many situations.
  • Improved the performance of the Primeval Dragon’s magma shake ability.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Beastmaster’s The Chase node granting an incorrect amount of attack speed.
  • Fixed a bug where Arcane Ascendance’s Tranquility node did not add mana efficiency.
  • Fixed an oversight where hits from Manifest Weapon could proc Manifest Weapon (from an Idol affix).
  • Fixed a bug where Marrow Shards’ Blood Assassin, Marrow Death, and Femoral Offering nodes affected Bone Splinters, rather than the Marrow Shards themselves.
  • Fixed a bug where the increased crit chance granted by Marrow Shards’ Dark Reverie node only affected physical skills.
  • Fixed a bug where the reduced mana cost from Sacrifice’s Blood Weavers node did not scale with points allocated.
  • Fixed a bug where Warpath’s nodes that granted you stats for not having a shield would not work unless you had taken a node that grants you stats regardless of weapon type.
  • Fixed a bug where the Mage’s idol affix for Increased Ignite Effect and the Sentinel’s idol affix for Increased Bleed Effect were not working.
  • Fixed Poison and Ignite showing incorrect values in the character sheet for damage and duration.
  • Fixed a bug where the Beta Endpoint quest could start earlier than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the first exit of the Frozen Roots led to the Wengari Fortress instead of Farwood.

Great stuff! thanks for your hard work, devs.

This is good, but why just buff him tho ? ^^ I love the Frost Wyrm look, but it dies in mere seconds :confused: And it’s not the only one… :smiley:

Adjusted item drop rates from different enemy rarities.

Reduced the base chance for enemies to drop items by 3%.
Increased the chance for magic enemies to drop items by 13%.
Increased the chance for rare enemies to drop items by 25%.

This is very though, will make those magic and rares enemies worth to fight against :smiley:

At level 100, tanky rare enemies (such as Siege Golems) will have up to 8% less health compared to 0.7.8d, and 13% less health compared to 0.7.8.

\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

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nice hotfix. but i dont like the world hotfix for this cause i see some cold hearted nerfs here. can we agree to change hotfix to cold fix? XD but seriously great job devs!

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Death seal was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too strong, that’s the reason you can see so much Lich in the ladder at high waves of arena ^^ Not cold imo, was well though :smiley:

And warpath and storm totems buffs as well ! :open_mouth:


oh no i totally agree with the nerfs. I just wanted to make a pun cause 1 class has been nerfed alot recently! understandable but still focused even with good reason. i just make comments on these to give people a laugh. usually test and feedback later

Gosh that’s a nice hotfix, I really start to fell like you guys going full speed recently, amazing. keep it going!

Wait till Spriggan Form gets nerfed, next patch :grin:


That would assume spriggan form is game breaking. then i would be proud cause people play it XD

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Curious to see how this will affect the Wolves performance. Also, hoping the Beastmaster will get a little more love in the future.

Thank you, that was fast.

I dig the new color.
Keep up the great work.

I play two characters, Wraith’ and Warpath. Both got buffed what a day!

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You’ve changed the sound effects for Frenzy totem’s Tether, but the skill is still broken (the tether latches onto the nearest enemy, not granting any buffs to the player). This have been confirmed from my post on the bug reports, yet 2 patches later it’s still not working.

How much of a damage increase does this translate to for Warpath? Anybody have results to report?

Thank you , i have to test all of this yet :open_mouth:

Thanks for the patch guys!

I read a bunch of words that to me meant “death seal nerf” but after patching I can barely tell a difference. I can definitely feel the reaper form’s increased health drain.

I assume all these are short term fixes? Probably explains why sometimes I can’t tell their target ground.

I hope Boardman21 gets a wage or something for finding all these interactions so you can fix them! :slight_smile:


On linux, after you create a character the screen is just black and doesn’t load into the game, but when I quit the game and go back to select my character, it starts up fine.

Has 2 abilities in it’s skill tree called “Unchained” …so the patch changes for this confused me at first…might want to rename 1 of those 2 abilities

My shaman thanks you!

My everything thanks you!

You sure about that? I mean I know the tether graphically targets things other than the player but I thought I tested it against paper doll dps. Gonna make a note to test that again once I’m back in-game.

Overall though, decent hotfix!