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Beta 0.7.8c Patch Notes


  • Improved our ability to debug stability issues.
  • The “of Warding” idol affix now grants 3 to 8 ward on melee hit for Huge idols (from 4 to 10).
  • The “Alchemist’s” prefix now grants up to 80 ward on potion use (from 60, with similar increases at lower tiers as well), and can now also roll on body armour.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple new transform related suffixes saying “increased increased” in their names.
  • Fixed the new “of the Parasite”, “of Shielding” and “of the Abomination” affixes being prefixes when they were supposed to be suffixes.
  • Fixed an oversight where the “of the Abomination” affix could roll on Primalist gear, not just Acolyte gear.

Yay for fixes!

whatever you did with this patch seems to have fixed my crashing. will still keep an eye out but good work none the less!!!

Oh yay! First step into the right direction with on hit Ward :).

No changes on Siege Golem tho :frowning: :smiley:


Thanks for the fixes.

wanted to give feedback suffers the sounds of the steps. I feel that they are very low, really, there are times when it doesn’t even seem like it is walking. Anyway, I would like to know if the bass sound is intentional or is it a bug?

We’re planning to increase their volume in our next patch. Thanks for the feedback.

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It sounds like everyone wants the volume of Siege Golems increased as well. :smiley:


it’s a nice game you guy’s have here play’s pretty good too for a beta. Better then Wolcen Lords of Mayhem witch i all so got. PS: it can only get better & better

When is the update available on linux ? Last I heard it was in QA when 0.7.8 released…

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