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Beta 0.7.7f Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Improved chat stability, specifically cases where messages would not be received.
  • Added a mitigation for save data corruption as we work on a full fix. Data is now additionally saved to a “_temp” file, so it can be manually replaced.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused the player to spawn into an incorrect location when entering a zone.
  • Fixed a bug where Sigils of Hope still had a base duration of 12, rather than the stated 15.
  • Fixed the “clear” option for modifier items in the crafting window not working.
  • Fixed a bug where modifier items could be greyed out when applying shards.
  • Fixed movement could become unresponsive if there were enemies targeting the player that could not reach them.
  • Fixed a bug where the boss fight against Zerrick would not spawn grubs or change the music.

We continue to work on finding and resolving the causes of crashes and visual artifacts that the community has reported. These issues are time consuming to diagnose, because they do not happen consistently internally and require lots of iterations. Thanks for your patience!


Thank you!

Awesome patch! Keep on keeping on!!

Love what i see here. keep up the hard work!

Hey guys, any plans when could we expect damage tooltip for skills? would be so nice to see what gear improoving by damage by how much?

Pop a Monster and keep up the great work!!

Nice patch, but necromancer idols that change the wraith type still don’t work with the Echoes Inside node in Summon Wraith. A fix would be lovely :slight_smile:

Great work! Chat stability :raised_hands:

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Is there any news on linux support for 0.7.7 ? Last I heard it was something with FMOD or whatever it’s called. Is that still the case ?


We’re still waiting on the software update, that’s correct. We’ll make sure to make a post when it’s available.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hello, I like the game as a Diablo, Path of Exile Grim Dawn type. The graphics are clearer and the viewing isn’t so dark that it’s hard to see. I did take a portal that made me hover over the emptiness next to the Council Chambers. I had to close out the game and restart it. I don’t like having to go somewhere that should be a free zone with NPCs and have it be like I hadn’t been there, so I have to clear the area all over again. Even areas of battle shouldn’t repopulate immediately after I leave to sell stuff and come right back. That usually occurs after I close the game and come back to it at some later time. The map in the corner should be able to be expanded. Usually the “M” key does it, but I get the map of the cities that I would get when going to a permanent portal anyway. It makes it difficult to get my bearings and I end up wandering around until I find where I need to go. Please fix that. Thanks. Larry

Concerning the minimap, you can zoom in and out by clicking on the little “+” and “-” icons in the upper right corner of the minimap. In addition you can switch between the map in the corner and an large overlay map by pressing Tab. The overlay map can be zoomed in and out aswell in the options menu. There’s an “Overlay Map Zoom” slider under “Gameplay”.

We agree. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a technical limiation rather than a design decision; it’ll be changed in future.


Such amazing game, Keep up the good work!

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Beau boulot, un jeu bien foutu et complexe à souhait dans la conception des builds :nerd_face: