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Beta 0.7.7e Patch Notes


Due to some oversights, Spriggan Form builds in 0.7.7 were able to get far more totems active at once than we intended. In addition to addressing the root cause of this, we’ve made some changes to Spriggan Form and the totems in question.

Spriggan Form

  • Summon Healing Totem no longer has a cooldown by default.
  • Summon Vines no longer has a cooldown.
  • Nodes that affect Healing Totems (such as Spiked Totem) now only affect Healing Totems created by the Summon Healing Totem skill, and say so on their tooltips.
  • Spiked Totem now causes Healing Totems to have the same mana cost, cooldown, and totem limit as Thorn Totem.
    • This is a separate limit, so with this node you can have 2 Healing Totems and 2 Thorn Totems by default.
  • Added a new node behind Spiked Totem that increases your maximum number of Healing Totems and causes you to always summon 3 Healing Totems at once.
  • Removed Second Wind. It had no effect as Healing Totems were cooldown gated rather than having a hard limit.

Healing Totem

  • Increased base health by 67%.
  • Decreased health scaling by 17%.

Thorn Totem

  • Characters that are specialized in Thorn Totem will receive a free respec for its tree.
  • Thorn Totems now deal 33% more damage and have 20% more health.
  • Added a new node that increases Thorn Totems’ hit damage for each stack of poison on the target.
  • Added a new node that increases Thorn Totems’ crit chance and damage.
  • Oaken Protection grants 20% more health (from 15%) and can have 5 points allocated (from 7).
  • Shred Armour grants 20% armour shred per point (from 15%) and can have 5 points allocated (from 6).
  • Torrent of Thorns can have 3 points allocated (from 4).
  • Totemic Wisdom can have 5 points allocated (from 6).
  • Rotten Core now connects to Lasting Affliction.
  • Unhollow Core now connects to the new crit chance and damage node.
  • Guided Thorns requires 4 points in Oaken Protection (from 5).
  • Lasting Affliction now requires 3 points in Venom Tipped Thorns (from 4).


  • Added environmental sounds to Chapter 5 and Chapter 6.
  • Added new call to arms (aggro) sounds for many void enemies.
  • Added new sounds for Bone Golems.
  • Added death sounds for Giant Scorpions.
  • Added new emerge and death sounds for Voidfused Earths.
  • Added a new attack sound for Weathered Statues.
  • Ice Thorns now uses cold on-hit sounds.
  • Static Orb now uses lightning on-hit sounds.
  • The ice attacks used by the Frost Worm monolith boss no longer sound terrible.


  • Defiance of the Forgotten Knight
    • Now grants 50% to 70% increased void damage (from 30% to 70%).
    • Now grants 50% less void damage taken on block (from 40%).


  • Added an “Increased Totem Damage” suffix for Nomad Idols.
  • The “Jolting” affix for Arcane Idols now grants 30% to 80% shock chance with lightning spells (from 16% to 42%).
  • Shrewd idols now grant 13% to 30% ward retention (from 15% to 40%, values are for maximum size idols).
  • of Preservation idols now grant 13% to 30% ward retention (from 22% to 60%, values are for maximum size idols).
  • Early game shields now give more block protection than before.
  • Tower Shields now give armor rather than block armor (they still give block protection).


  • You can now quick-equip a 2H weapon if you only have an offhand equipped.
  • Updated the art for the “move or attack” and “move or attack breakable” icons on left-click.
  • Added a new icon for Drain Life.


  • Improved initial loading times (from desktop to login), particularly for installs on hard drives.
  • Mitigated some additional causes of stutter.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a likely cause of the large visual artifacts some users saw in zones like the Ulatri Cliffs, the Armoury and the Lower District. Please let us know on the bug reports forum if you’re still encountering this issue.
  • Fixed a bug where tagged leech stats (i.e. physical damage leeched as health) did not work unless you also had an untagged leech stat.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Aura of Decay to apply poison and other ailments too frequently.
  • Fixed Swipe’s Natural Cadence node not working.
  • Fixed a bug where Healing Totems affected by Thorn Totem’s tree would cast thorns less frequently and at a shorter range than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the Crow nodes on Eterra’s Blessing would use the target’s health after the heal occurred. This made the low life node harder to trigger and the high life node easier to trigger.
  • Fixed Giant Scorpions not having death animations.
  • Fixed a bug where Voidwing Nests would not animate each time they spawned a Voidwing.
  • Fixed a bug where the sliders for Overlay Map zoom and opacity did not work.
  • Fixed a bug where the quest “A Long Detour” could fail to complete in some situations.
  • Fixed a bug where the Beta Endpoint quest would become available too early.
  • Fixed some barrels being out of bounds in the Smelting Halls.
  • Fixed being able to get stuck inside of a rock in the Precipice.
  • Added some additional failsafes for quest bugs.
  • Fixed Admiral Harton having some missing sounds.

Did you guys turn the sound off, I’m not getting any sound at all from LE.

Crash fix?

We’re currently investigating this.

We’re looking into a potential cause of the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.


You make my day guys!! Thanks for the patch!!

I have no in-game sounds, and the map overlay and opacity sliders aren’t working for me - after patching.

Great job guys. Keep up the good work!!

Still a known issue (per Sarno’s post above) that they’re working on.

Looks good…for Windows users. Us Linux weirdos are still on 0.7.6c. Any progress on being able to patch Linux clients yet?


There haven’t been any updates since my post on the subject here;

I was finishing up a quest as the revert to Patch 0.7.7D was released - still on E Patch - the quest with Forgotten Knight to begin Mastery Class selection was unable to be turned (the "!"s were silver, and the portal didn’t open).

The Patch Notes mentioned failsafes on Quests - I wasn’t sure if this was due to that, or 0.7.7D being re-released - so I wanted to let you guys know here just in case that was a 0.7.7E bug.

I carried on playing on that patch for a while and can confirm that most of the quest dialogue boxes were empty and had no text. It seemed to break some of the quest chains and I couldn’t complete them.

What about Crash fix?

Updated but still on 0.7.7d…

They rolled 0.7.7e back to d as they broke all sound…

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Both love this patch notes cause of all the hard work added in! but also now with the CD changes Spriggan vine totem spam just became real gotta figure out numbers all over again for sustaining form. XD thanks for keeping the game interesting!

Great work! I am about to start my 7.7 adventures soon… :smiley:

How do i put the game back to 7.7D mine is still 7.7E with no sounds?

Hey everyone! We’ve corrected the issues with 0.7.7e and it is now being released. It’s currently live on Steam and will come to the standalone client as soon as possible.

There are several steps in our internal testing for new releases, and the game was working as expected during that process. However, a problem was introduced in the final version that was distributed to players, which was not caught. We will improve our internal processes to avoid this mistake in the future. Thank you for your patience.


It sounds like you’re on standalone-- the fix for this will be out as soon as possible. Apologies for that!