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Beta 0.7.7c Patch Notes


Lightning Blast

  • Re-added the Hypercharge node: When doublecasting, Lightning Blast has a chance to quadruple cast.
  • Decreased the delay between double casts to 0.25 seconds (from 0.5 seconds).
  • You can no longer double cast (or quadruple cast) while channeling Lightning Blast.

Other Changes

  • Anomaly’s Anticipation node now reduces the cooldown of Anomaly by 1 second per point (from 20% reduced cooldown recovery speed per point)
    • This means that the cooldown goes 12 -> 11 -> 10 -> 9, rather than 12 -> 10 -> 8.6 -> 7.5
  • Increased the base damage of Time Rot by 17%.


  • Kermode’s Cage now only grants mana on kill while in Werebear Form.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the scaling of Necrotic Wisps that made them vastly overpowered in the Arena.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Magma Arena from loading.
  • Fixed a bug where having Entangling Roots equipped would cause increasing lag over time, especially if you had the Nourish node equipped and opened the skills window rapidly.
  • Fixed Lightning Blast’s Convergence node not working.
  • Fixed Anomaly’s Swiftrest node granting 30% cooldown recovery speed per point, rather than the stated 10%.
  • Fixed a bug where Rebuke would not start channelling if the location under your mouse was not accessible.
  • Fixed Lightning Blast not playing a sound if you have the Focal Blast node.
  • Fixed a bug where it was hard to see the details of a Shrine if you had recently hovered over an enemy.
  • Fixed a missing material on Ethereal Revenants.
  • Fixed the keybind display for the Portal button expanding into the next slot on some keybinds.
  • Fixed the tooltip for Judgement’s Holy Blast node not stating what it does.

nice :slight_smile:

No more one shot wasp!

it’s the fastest bugs fixes I ever seen in game
only yesterday made report and today is fixed
excellent :slight_smile:

[Plague bearer] node on [AURA of DECAY] is not working properly. Poison damagae on friendly minion is insanely high, making it impossible to use.