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Beta 0.7.6c Patch Notes


  • Made generic idol affixes much rarer on class specific idols. Having generic affixes is important so players don’t get unlucky and have no idols that benefit them, but they were too common compared to class specific affixes.
  • Rebalanced many idol affixes
    • Many class specific affixes have been buffed.
    • Class specific leech affixes have been nerfed.
    • Less damage taken affixes have been nerfed (and no longer actually granted reduced damage taken).
    • Generic health and protection suffixes have been nerfed.
  • Fixed an oversight where shared damage affixes (e.g. increased lightning damage + increased minion lightning damage) did not roll on class specific idols.
  • Fixed an oversight where Adorned Immortal Idols could have a ward retention prefix and a ward retention suffix.
  • Fixed the descriptions of a lot of idol affixes (including cases of “increased increased”).
  • Fixed cases where idol prefixes had suffix style names and idol suffixes had prefix style names.


Ice Ward

  • Unclouded Mind now grants 10% increased mana regen per point (from 25% reduced mana drain), and can have 3 points allocated (from 4).
    • The previous effect could make other skills that drain mana free.
    • This has the same effect at max points if Ice Ward is your only skill that drains mana.

Summon Scorpion

Aim is to make the Scorpion a more attractive option to poison builds, rather than just having an extra wolf.

  • Concoction now grants 25% poison chance (from 10%)
  • Miasma now grants venom nova 30% area and 30% poison chance (up from 25%).
  • Blood Poisoning is now multiplicative with other modifiers.
  • Noxious Carapace is now multiplicative with other modifiers.

Summon Wolf

  • Patient Hunters now gives 25% more damage over time per point (from 50%).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where enemies in the Monolith of Fate and Arena would not take damage if the player was level 89.
  • Fixed a navigation issue in Lost Refuge.
  • Fixed several effects from Arcane Ascendance’s skill tree triggering even if Arcane Ascendance was not active.
  • Fixed Arcane Ascendance’s Mark of Thunder not dealing damage and not disappearing.
  • Fixed a bug Volcanic Orb could move backwards if you reduced its movement speed enough.
  • Fixed skills bound to ` displaying as “back quote” in the action bar.

Thanks for all your hard work!!!

Thank you !

I started downloading this patch and it was flying on my broadband connection…then it suddenly dropped to like 200KB/ sec. and said it would take 24 hours to download. I rebooted, stopped and started, and still same result. The patch server must have a problem or is taking a beating from all the downloads. (shrug)

Do you use the standalone client or the steam version?

I am using the steam version and the download and parch speed is ok.

Stand alone client. I installed it shortly after Quakecon 2019. It’s still downloading really slow today. 250K per second on a 200 speed Broadband. Says I have 19 hours to wait. Uhhhh…

Recently there was a post about switching from standalone client to steam. Perhaps you want to try this.

That’ll work too. Thank you very much!