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Beta 0.7.5d Patch Notes



These changes are to compensate for the loss of a guaranteed stun on the Entangling Roots tree in 0.7.5, and make some balance adjustments.

  • Mana cost reduced to 55 (from 70).
  • Added damage effectiveness increased to 250% (from 200%).
  • Added a new node that adds a guaranteed stun and a cooldown.
  • Added a new node that increases stun duration and cooldown duration.
  • Small changes have also been made to the requirements of some nodes.

Erasing Strike

  • Added damage effectiveness increased to 200% (from 170%)
  • Strength scaling changed to 5% increased melee damage (from 4% increased melee damage).

Forge Strike

  • Characters with Forge Strike specialized will receive a free respec for its tree
  • Added a new node behind Put to the Sword that increases bleed effectiveness.
  • Forged by Fire can have 4 points allocated (up from 3), and adds 10 fire damage per point (up from 7).
  • Mass Production now adds a 5% chance to summon weapons (it previously stated 8% increased chance).
  • Well Forged Weapons now grants 25% increased summoned weapon duration (it previously stated 20%) and can have 4 points allocated (down from 5).
  • Removed the Patient Strike node as its damage increase was not working.
  • Slightly adjusted connections and requirements


  • Cyclone now prevents Maelstrom from freezing enemies, but also grants 5% increased global physical damage per stack of Maelstrom.

Sigils of Hope

  • Each Sigil grants 4 fire damage (down from 5)
  • Each Sigil grants 25% increased health regen (up from 20%)
  • Characters with Sigils of Hope specialized will receive a free respec for its tree.
  • Iron Sigils grants 40 armour per point (down from 50).
  • Meditation now doubles health regen from Sigils rather than providing 100% increased health regen per Sigil.
  • Sigils of Despair no longer doubles the added damage, but now also grants 15% increased void damage per Sigil.
  • Sign of the Guardian grants 1% block chance (from 2%) and 15 block protection (from 5).
  • Adjusted some connections and requirements.


  • The death screen now shows the type of damage that dealt the killing blow in addition to the name of the ability.
  • Your skills are no longer put on cooldown when you transform back to human form. Cooldowns are tracked while transformed, so if a cooldown has 10 seconds remaining and then you transform for 8 seconds, that cooldown will have 2 seconds remaining.


  • Improved Avalanche’s sound to be less jarring.
  • Fixed Solar Auxiliary enemies not having impact sounds for their arrows.
  • Fixed Wengari Raider enemies not having impact sounds for their melee attacks.
  • Adjusted the volume levels of enemies in Chapter 7.

Enemy Balance

  • Further reduced the damage of Fire Paladin’s Earthquake attack.
  • Reduced the damage of Holy Fire Novas from Rare Osprix Vanguards by 12%.


  • Improved the performance of Avalanche’s visuals.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed item tooltips getting stuck open in some situations.

  • Fixed item tooltips displaying icons with incorrect colors if you had hovered over a shard beforehand.

  • Fixed duplicate set items causing tooltip to show a higher tier set bonus.

  • Fixed instability in tooltips not being shown when moving the mouse between items.

  • Fixed the hybrid health leech affix having a tier 3 range of 70% to 20% leech, rather than 17% to 20%.

  • Fixed being unable to use Shield Rush if you changed your weapon, which made it seem as if you no longer had a shield equipped.

  • Fixed Flame Ward not granting 30% less damage taken as stated on the tooltip.

  • Fixed a bug where “while channelling” stats did not work with Warpath.

  • Fixed Flame Ward’s Barrier node not granting less damage taken.

  • Fixed bugs where Forge Strike’s Mass Production and Well Forged Weapons nodes had no effect.

  • Fixed a bug where Forge Strike’s Put To The Sword node did not increase attack speed.

  • Fixed Maelstrom’s Votex node increasing the damage of Maelstroms cast on yourself, rather than just those cast on your totems.

  • Fixed various bugs with the buff display for Sigils of Hope.

  • Fixed a bug where the Faith for Sigils of Hope triggered on every hit, rather than just hits that dealt more than 25% of your health.

  • Fixed a bug where the Decree of Flame node for Sigils of Hope had no effect.

  • Fixed a bug where respeccing the Sigils of Despair node for Sigils of Hope would have no effect until the character was reloaded.

  • Fixed the poison chance granted by Skeleton Mage’s Putrid Essence node not being converted to ignite chance for Pyromancers or chill chance for Cryomancers.

  • Fixed the Diode node for Static granting too much added crit chance.

  • Fixed Storm Totem’s Stormrider node granting 30% movement speed per point rather than the stated 10%.

  • Fixed the Paladin’s Shield Wall node granting 5% block chance per point, rather than the stated 3%.

  • Fixed a chest being difficult to open in Maj’elka.

  • Fixed Artem’s icon disappearing in the Council Chambers in some situations.


The channeling while in warpath fix is best christmas present ever!

Santa came early everyone!

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Merry Christmas 11th hour games!! Thanks for the early present.!

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Vocês são maravilhosos! :handshake:

Happy holidays everyone!

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Merry C you Epochal folk!

Also, I really appreciate the “70 to 20” / “17 to 20” bug, because those specific numbers imply somebody was verbally told what range to set it to, and their brain heard seventy and went “Yeah that makes sense”. There’s something beautiful about that. :V


Actually, that makes a lot of sense. I figured Maelstrom was either bugged or extremely OP :stuck_out_tongue:

Cooldowns are now tracked when transforming back into human form…
Soooo many things just got better. Very excite. Merry Christmas!

Thanks to all the dev folk! It’s been a great year and thanks for all the hard work and brilliant execution. Happy Holidays!!!

That patch is great keep it coming in the new year ;).

rip no multiplayer system