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Beta 0.7.5c Patch Notes


  • Optimized the visuals for Abyssal Echoes, Bone Slam (Bone Golem), Blood Splatter, Detonate Corpse, and Glacier.

Enemy Balance

  • Reduced the damage of Flame Paladins, Ice Weavers, Osprix Vanguards, and Rime Giants.
  • Increased the damage of Yrun.

Item System

  • You can now right click on the modifier or support item slot in the crafting window to empty it.
  • You can now swap out modifier and support items for a different type by right clicking.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Runes and Glyphs besides Rune of Removal and Glyph of Stability not appearing in the Crafting Items tab. The items themselves were not deleted, so you will have the correct amount of each type after updating to this patch.
  • Fixed being unable to view comparison info and other data for items on the ground using modifier keys (alt and ctrl).
  • Fixed Runes being deleted if they are in the crafting panel and then replaced by a Shard.
  • Fixed Heoborea failing to load if you had loaded multiple characters in a single game session.
  • Fixed a bug where Frozen Ire did not remove its per level bonus when unequipped.
  • Added more failsafes for item loading and saving.
  • Fixed being able to drag items while holding right click.
  • Fixed the sound for dropping items also playing when items are picked up.
  • Fixed the Mirage Staff base type not fitting in the hands of the player correctly.

Thanks !!!

I dont like on how a fracture item loses stats. Idk its it part of the difficulty of not making super OP items but losing stats and the certain glyphs the u need it bad in my eye.

It’s risk vs reward.

Fractured items dont always lose stats. thats only if you hit it with a damaging fracture. If you use guardians and have at least 1 base affix at least t3, you can usually get 2 t5 and 2t2 stats without getting a damaging fracture. A minor fracture which is the most likely fracture (between 75-99% success range is when this can occur) does not damage the item. 50-74% is where damaging kicks in. As wargoat said. Its risk vs reward. taking a clean item and putting your own 4 affix on isnt going to make 4t5 unless the RNG gods have struck you with a RNG 1000% luck aura.

I’m a happy Panda now. I knew I played to much BL3 after one of the last three nearly oneshotted me and I yelled “Bloooooooodfeud!” at my monitor.

Ice weavers still can hit hard as hell

Heoborea failed to load for me and after update I cant enter Heoborea anymore because entrance is blocked and I can’t finish my quest line. Please fix that bug.