Beta 0.7.10b Patch Notes


  • Adjusted the dodge chance formula to grant slightly lower dodge chances at all levels, and cap at 75% rather than 80%.
  • The Boss Temporary Resistance System no longer applies to bosses in randomized Monolith zones or the Arena. Bosses in these areas have had a small health increase to partially compensate.
  • Slightly reduced how much enemy damage scales with area level.
  • Ward gained on block now applies after damage is taken (so the ward is not instantly removed).
  • Added a death sound for Abhorrent Slimes.
  • Adjusted the volume for various NPC voices.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing game audio to not play and gameplay errors on macOS.
  • Fixed a bug where various skills that normally apply multiple stat buffs were only applying a single buff. This affected Holy Aura and Summon Spriggan, as well as others.
  • Fixed a bug where Lightning Blast’s Focal Blast node would cause the skill to continue dealing damage after channeling stopped. This could stack.
  • Fixed Warpath’s Whirling Barrier granting far more Elemental Resistance than intended.
  • Fixed Flame Ward’s Prismatic Buffer reducing elemental damage rather than elemental damage taken.
  • Fixed a bug where the connection between the Sonority and Fiery Abyss nodes on the Abyssal Echoes tree only worked one way.
  • Fixed the Forge Guard’s Battle Hardened node not giving physical resistance.
  • Fixed Frostbite dealing less damage than intended.
  • Fixed an exploit related to crafting items.
  • Fixed an object blocking the camera in The Ulatri Cliffs.
  • Fixed items dropping out of bounds in part of Imperial Welryn.
  • Fixed a chest being inaccessible in Necropolis of the Deep.
  • Fixed the town portal in Cultist Camp spawning in an incorrect location.
  • Fixed certain visual effects projecting on top of the Void Amalgamation.
  • The Damage Dealt to Mana affix is now listed under Mage Specific in the affix picker for Loot Filters.
  • Fixed loading screen tooltips not being updated for 0.7.10 mechanics.
  • Updated information on Fractures in the Game Guide.
  • Fixed the formula for Armour mitigation not being shown in the Game Guide.
  • Fixed the world map showing that Last Archive has a waypoint.
  • Fixed a visual issues with a cliff in The Precipice.
  • Fixed the music in Last Archive being incorrect.
  • Fixed some minor typos.

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I’m confused how this was posted 23 hours ago lol.

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Seriously guys… you spoil us…

Honestly though… from experience in the general development world, you guys rock with your updates and general engagement with the community…

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Lol… I was about to post a bug report on Holy Aura but I was second guessing myself and couldnt decide if it was a bug or not…

Do you guys even spleep? :slight_smile:


Looking good so far, keep up the great work guys :slight_smile: