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Beta 0.7.0f Patch Notes


  • Increased base player movement speed by 5%.
    • Note that this change is multiplicative with sources of Increased Movement Speed.
  • When you are stunned, you now become immune to stuns for 1 second after the stun ends.
  • You no longer have to attack the door in the Welryn College.
  • Capped the max respec cost per point at 5000 gold temporarily so that people don’t get left with impossible to respec characters.


  • Teleport
    • Flat ward node grants 8 ward per point (down from 10).
    • The intelligence scaling ward node requires 4 points in the flat ward node (up from 3).
    • The health to ward node now converts 4% of current health per point (down from 10%).


  • Glancing Blow affix changes
    • "Glancing Blow and Armour" can no longer spawn on amulets or relics.
    • "Glancing Blow and Armour" can now have up to 15% glancing blow chance at T5 (down from 17%).
    • Added a "Glancing Blow and Health" prefix that spawns on the same base types as "Glancing Blow and Armour", and has the same values for glancing blow.
    • This should increase the flexibility of capping glancing blow chance by allowing you to have some items with two glancing blow chance prefixes, while also reducing the power of individual glancing blow affixes.
  • Reduced the maximum value of the Increased Movement Speed affix from 35% to 25%.
  • Reduced the maximum value of implicit Increased Movement Speed on boots from 20% to 15% and adjusted values on earlier base types.
  • Reduced the added armour implicit of Fur Boots to 20 (from 25)
  • Rahyeh’s Light will no longer refresh fire shield if it’s not on your action bar.

Bug Fixes

  • Reverted an optimization change that unintentionally led to texture quality being greatly reduced at high settings in many cases.
  • The event information panel is now hidden properly when there is no upcoming event.
  • Fixed a bug where Rip Blood’s Arcane Absorption could trigger off of any hit, not just ones from Rip Blood.
  • Fixed Volatile Reversal’s end rift spawning at the start location instead.
  • Fixed a bug where stun immunity would prevent you from being frozen by Snap Freeze’s self freeze node
  • Fixed the Sorcerer’s Dragon Mage passive scaling incorrectly
  • Fixed the Sorcerer’s Mirror Breath adding a new effect rather than replacing the existing one.
  • Fixed the Sorcerer’s Lightning Rider stacking if respec’d and taken again.
  • Fixed the Paladin’s Rahyeh’s Strength stacking if respec’d and taken again.
  • Fixed the tooltip for Summon Wolf’s Fight and Feed not updating
  • Fixed the Paladin’s Redemption not requiring points in Penance.
  • Fixed being able to drag specialization slots.

For Standalone users, we’ve also released an updated version of the patcher which has faster processing speeds (for the steps after download) and tweaked visuals. This will install as soon as you go to launch the game again.


Wow. You all don’t stop to amaze me, seriously.



Fast as always, Thank you all for being the best developing team ever .

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very well done as always, do you have meanwhile a roughly date when you come up with multiplayer ?

Great job… Thanks for the quick patch note :slight_smile:

Nice patch!
I love the temporary stun-immunity and glancing + health.

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Nice patch !

The warding nerfs we’re needed indeed. To make them more balanced.

These are alot of patches quickly ! Great work velocity, Are you working in an Agile context by any chance?

What types of Testing do your Q&A team do? (Asking cause i’m a Q&A tester aswell) If you don’t mind telling :smiley:

Awesome work!

Best regards.

please stop nef teleport ward , killer mage all path


Ward is dead. Now it is better to do teleport with mirror, and HP. I have a plan. W8 for it.

All good changes! I’ll probably hop back in tomorrow for a few hours to make my build changes which I wanted (:

Nice, but ward and sorcerer needs more nerf. And other classes needs more defensive buffs. :wink:


Yet another great patch.
Good work peeps!

Great, now I don’t have to level up again every time I want to test a new build idea. Now can you fix my memory because the character names I chose are not going to help me remember which character does what.

Thank you!

Awesome awesome awesome work guys :ok_hand:t3:

Thanks for the continued hard work guys, amazing as always !

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Amazing as always!

Diligence at EHG is one of the best things for this dev team!


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Ouch, Sorc takes another blow. Glad I have my MS boots already crafted !_!
I love the stun changes though, NO ONE likes being stunlocked, and one sparky amulet can only do so much :smiley:

The game doesn’t launch anymore .

The game is insanely lagging now… Never had this issue before…