Beta 0.7.0d Patch Notes


  • Dying in the Arena now ends a Hardcore character and removes the Deathless tag, as it does on the outside.
  • The start next wave panel now has an option for leaving the arena and claiming rewards.
  • Selecting this option takes you to a small zone containing a reward chest and a portal back to The End of Time.
  • If you die in the Arena instead of choosing to exit then you cannot claim these rewards.
  • Made Arena Key drops more consistent
    • Can no longer drop from the monolith chest with less than 5 timelines conquered
    • Guaranteed drop when timelines conquered is a multiple of 5
    • 5% drop chance when timelines conquered is greater than 5, but not a multiple of 5


  • Increased the density of enemies in the monolith (by around 15%, varying from zone to zone)


  • Fixed an issue with the outline system (glowing effect around enemies and allies) that caused the effect to be reapplied every frame
    • This system was quite old and was interacting incorrectly now that the engine has changed
    • In my testing, framerate in campaign levels improved by about 5 fps in combat (High preset, 1080p, RX 480 8GB, Ryzen 5 1600)


  • Rebuke
    • Cooldown changed to 5 seconds (up from 4)
    • You can no longer be stunned while channelling Rebuke
    • The increased maximum duration node now grants a 12% increase per point (down from 15%) and can have up to 2 points allocated (down from 3)
    • The increased health regen while channelling node now grants 25% per point (up from 20%)
    • Ailment Chance nodes grant 8% chance per point (up from 5%)
    • Increased ailment duration node grants 8% increased duration per point (up from 5%)
    • The armour and elemental protection nodes now apply while channelling and have higher values
    • Removed the node that granted stun avoidance while channelling
    • Removed the node that granted ward retention while channelling
    • Added 6 new nodes
    • Adjusted a few connections
    • Fixed a bug where taking a node that increased the cooldown recovery speed would almost half the cooldown
    • Fixed a bug where a node was giving 2000% increased armour per point instead of 20%
  • Vengeance
    • Added three new nodes centred around reduced armour and fire protection on hit.
    • Renamed Dark Blade to Iron Blade to better reflect its damage type.


  • Glyph of Stability now causes a craft to add 5% to 45% less instability (used to be 80% less to 40% more)


  • Most objectives now explicitly state which zone you need to go to.


  • Increased the opacity of NPC dialogue to improve visibility.
  • Chat now scrolls properly along with new chat messages.


  • Updated Erasing Strike and Void Rifts
  • Updated Lightning Blast
  • Improved lighting detail in all desert levels. This will make this patch larger to download on some platforms.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed being unable to view skill trees in the skills panel before you unlocked them by levelling up (you were able to in the past).
  • Fixed a bug where teleporting out the starting area in a monolith zone with a spire objective would result in the spires failing to spawn.
  • Fixed a bug where certain nodes could cause hovering over a skill icon to add an instance of attribute scaling to it each frame, causing severe fps drops or crashes. This is what led to the Primalist’s skill panel freeze issue.
  • Potentially fixed issues with starting the game via Steam on Mac and Linux.


Ignite still causes frame rate crashes and game crashes. I guess the streamer race just can’t be lit.

Keep up the Great work EHG! This group of devs are amazing!

Diligence, Knowledge, and hardwork is all i see!


Great work guys!

6.2 GB via Steam :wink:

Hype :cowboy_hat_face:

Any news about the options “Resolution” and “windowed/full screen” changing when back to the menu ?


Loving the changes, and constant patches! Keep it up EHG!

so far 15+ minutes of testing on Primalist with wolves and canine agility no lag when trying to change skills or change points!


Love the changes but I was hoping that Dark blade will start doing void damage, good patch anyway, thanks guys.

Would you please consider refunding skill points on skill trees which are heavily changed (or at least for the removed nodes)?


Make the minimap less transparent


we are still waiting on a response from unity atm. its on my radar as one of the biggest items.


Hell ya hc rips are back! Love ya guys thanks for the patch!

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Can you rework Soul Prisons visuals or skill entirely? Its terribly optimized and is cancer to look at all those projectiles that come together and lag like mad

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any information on how the rewards scale with leaving the arena?

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