Best weapon for melee crit chance on a druid?

Also wondering if adding crit becomes useless at some point? I’m not able to sustain werebear during bossfights.

Theres alot of choices depending on what your trying to do.

If your aiming for 100% crit for the mana refund. there are 2 easy ways if doing.

  1. dual wield raider axes both with added melee crit chance. This can give you 25% base crit you’ll only need 300% increases crit chance to achieve 100% easily done with passives and maybe 1 or 2 slots in gear or just take nodes in swipe skill.

  2. wear whatever weapons you want but stack Spell damage on everything and idols then take wizened claws and the other node in werebear skill tree. The spell damage is converted to both crit chance and melee damage

Boardman forgot the Polearm option ^^, seems like dualwield brainwashed everyone into forgetting about 2h weapons :D.

  • You’ll get more crit chance DWing a pair of raider axes (+5% crit chance) & 1 melee crit chance prefix (+5%) for a total of +20% than a max roll Ranseur (+8%) & 1 melee crit chance prefix (9%) for a total of 17%.
  • Then the base damage is also better DW (80 for the Ransaur, 96 for 2x Raider Axes).
  • Flat added damage is also better (+51 on a 2-h weapon compared to +56 for DW).
  • Increased damage is also better (+192% for 2-h compared to +210% for DW).
  • Attack speed is also better, both base (0.97 for a Ranseur/Sovnya, 1.12 for a Raider Axe) & the affix (+48% for 2-h compared to +52% for DW).

Everything’s better DW, unless you’re a caster.

@Mike_W, 2-h weapons & affixes need a buff.

Yeah sure but it’s achiveable with a polearm as well.

Dw dmg taken needs to be increased to 33% :D.

Absolutely, that’s what I did with my Werebear Druid ages ago, it’s just easier with DW.

Hm… I’m not sure about DW being that much better. Of course the damage and additional affix/implicit slots are really huge. But the 12% more damage already feels very painfull on some builds.

I really enjoyed a dw judgement Paladin. But when I reached around 20 echoes in a 100er timeline I really struggled with survivability.

I wouldn’t go the route to increase the dw penalty. Rather buff 2h a bit. Not only in general, but maybe with some specific build synergies. The FG already has some 2h nodes. There could be similar mechanics with other classes, too. Also similar affixeds to the dual wield Rogue affixes just for Primalists/Sentinels wielding 2h.

2h exclusive affixes would be cool, like the already exciting +x to all Attributes.

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