Best weapon for Druid (Tornado + Maelstron + Serpent Strike)

Im new to primalist so Im having a hard time trying to figure out the logics of planning a good dps build. Some builds (including the lightning bug I will try) use these three skills, although they dont scale from the same source. Whats the trick to use they together ?

I know there are a lot of depends in here, but im trying to learn the general concept.

And about the weapon, whats the point of using dagger or swords in these builds since Tornado & Maelstron scale from Spell damage ? any tips to help me understand a little the theory ? At first by just reading the game tags I would go for Sceptre or wand, what am I missing ?

Hi, i assume we are talking about Swarmblade builds?

Swarmblade can proc those 3 skills, that’s why they are typically used with swarmblade.

Now, to simplify, there are different types of damage you can deal:
First one are ailments:

  • Frostbite is strong in 0.9
  • bleed is strong
  • poison was op in 0.85 and has been gutted, especially for serpent strike… So you might find some poison builds that are not so good anymore
  • for ailment builds your base damage does not matter. You want fast hitting weapons with good affixes.

Second is Crit damage:

  • to answer your dagger question: the build i think you tries to proc many tornados (needs to be fast hitting) and deal critical damage with lightning strikes. Tornado is a damage over time skill, but it can cast lightning strikes, which can crit. There is a dagger that comes with implicits melee damage, spell damage and Crit chance + it hits faster than a scepter, so you proc more lightning strikes. That said, a scepter could work too here.

It’s a high utility skill: it gives dodge, frenzy, haste, heal, chill and lightning strikes as well.

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Thanks for the tips, Im getting it now, and I also find this nice video where Binashole explains somethings more in detail. As you pointed we want fast hits to proc the things we need more often, and we also want flat crit and critical mult.
I already knew there are some versions with scepter and some with Dagger & Katana. I just could not see the concept in the ones using the latter. The thing is that we need flat spell damage in this build, but we also need crit & melee atack speed.

And as you also pointed out, the Maelstron is more for utility. I guess the serpent strike is also for some utility, as it has some nice nodes that helps survivability, and since it procs from the swarblade form we can take advantage of it.

Noob question, when we transform, we gain new skills, these new skills scale from the nodes of the previous skills, or they dont have nodes at all ?