Best way to set up defense?

With all the defense changes, endurance and now changes to endurance my poor mind is confused

I’m horrible at setting up defense since 0.8.1

Setting up a new rogue where I want to use dodge/endurance, what is the best way for me to split these among my gear or is endurance no longer worth trying to stack somewhere?

I’m not sure this is the most popular opinion, but I tend to think that the best defense is when you’re not hit. This would mean build something around Dodge. And as it’s difficult to cap Dodge now, if you can’t avoid being hit, you should reduce the hit, therefore build upon Block.
Mitigate the damage is good, receive less or no damage is even better…

I have a rogue with 63-85% dodge from standing to shift and it generally doesn’t die unless I hit a poison pool but I run this on a potato and sometimes lag or clumsy movements can get me killed

That being said even with full CSA, if that rogue gets hit, it’s usually dead

I wanted to try and spec into endurance to protect me from such dumb things, not sure what I can hit with both dodge and endurance on gear

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