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Best way to counter bleed stacks?

preferably not on the chest slot I’m looking for a way to counter lots of bleed stacks to use the unique relic that give cold pen per bleed stack but also 1 bleed stack per attack.

Regen, leech, reduced DoT damage taken, phys resist (though you’ll likely have it capped anyway), can’t remember if there’s any “reduced phys damage taken” effects, though Titan Heart with a 2-hander would work, even though you don’t want to use a chest for it, any generic “reduced damage taken” effects, Flayer’s Pride. Some masteries (eg, Lich) give reduced DoT damage taken.

edit: nevermind, cleanse won’t help with the stated issue

oh I guess the reduced damage over time amulet would be something to try. It’s for a shatter strike so can’t use alot of that but didn’t think of the amulet before, thanks.

You could use the shield as well, you’d get a total of 30% DR v bleeds then.

i lose alot of crit multi if i don’t have a second sword but with that kind of cold pen it might still be better sometimes

You can do the maths to see which is more effective, the additional pen or more crit multi. Though you’d need to know how many stacks of bleed you can realistically keep up on yourself, but the maths isn’t hard:

higher crit multi / lower crit multi


total pen from bleed stacks and other sources / pen from other sources

Okay, this is synchronicity. I was just asking this same question in Discord.

I was going to try to use EXSANG, and go low-life but it appears to work really wonky with the Relic. Thing is you actually have to HAVE the stacks to get the PEN. So immunity biffs that. But, EXSANG won’t clear/prevent bleed stacks you get BEFORE you hit low life. So you’d have to figure out a way to pump your life up. Get a bunch of bleed stacks, then let your life drop back down somehow. I don’t know, I couldn’t make it work, so I ditched it.

I’m only at the very end of non-empowered monos right now so it isn’t quite yet an issue but I’ll have to keep my eyes on other ways.

Are you sure? Exsanguinous should just prevent you from taking damage from bleed stacks, you can still get them. If its also preventing you from benefiting from the cold pen per bleed stack then that’s a bug.

Yeah FoE confirmed the immunity prevents them from being applied. Not immune to the damage.

Yup, just tried it on Live.

One thing I ‘discovered.’ You can sort of make it work.

If you have some health leech or health on hit, you can push your actually health up high enough, even with EXANG on, above the 35% low life level (I think it’s 35%). THEN you fire off your shatterstrike applying the bleed stacks. THEN you use your fast hitter (mana strike or flamebrand or whatever) to start re-leeching health again.

It’s a bit of work. Didn’t really feel worth it, sadly.

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