Best Starter Build Starting From Scratch

Hi All,

Just getting started with Last Epoch and was wondering of all the builds posted in the forum what would be the best one to start with no gear so I can farm for other characters?

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Welcome to the LE Community.

I personally would highly suggest you just getting started and play whatever you feel like looks good.

LE’s difficulty is relatively easy, so you can make everything work relatively well.

Yes your first character will probably suck, but that’s part of the process of learning, you will still be able to get through the story.

Except the mastery, everything else is respeccable very easily.
Mastery is a permanent choice though.

I am a big believer in learning a complex game like LE by yourself.
Because of the before mentioned easy difficulty, you do not need a fully optimized character to go thorugh the story and ealry endgame.

Once you hit empowered monolith you will start to need a really good builds, but that’s already so far into the game, that you probably understand alot more things by that time.

Most build guides usually only tell you what works well and not what doesn’t work.
And learning the game by doing your own mistakes usually is the best way to understand how a game works.

So if you just jump into the game and test stuff out and you absolutely feel overwhelmed the only guide i personally would recommend is: [0.8.2] Wast3d's Lightning Blast - Showcase & Beginner's Guide

Not necessarily because of the build guide itself, but because Wasted put alot of effort into putting alot of useful tips and tricks into the guide and also explaining how to transition from different stages of the gearing process into the next.

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Before discovering Last Epoch, I played mostly Diablo 3 so I always or almost always used builds made by other people.
In Last Epoch, I tried to do my own builds. Most of them are weak, a few are strong, but even the weaker ones can bring me through the whole campaign and early to mid endgame.
And sincerely, it’s a pleasure to design your own build, see how it works, adjust it, and so on. It’s more enjoyable than using a pre-made build.
And of course, when you hit the wall, you can transition to a pre-made build. At that moment, you may know what you want to play, so it will be easier for you to chose.

Here are some clues now for easy builds that can drive you through the campaign.

  • With a Primalist, focus on a pack of wolves
  • With an Acolyte, volatile zombies will help a lot
  • With a Rogue, Flurry and Detonating Arrow
  • With a Mage, LIghtning Blast and Elemental Nova
  • With a Sentinel, Rive and Devouring Orbs

These will not give the most powerful builds possible (well, maybe), but it will be rather easy to build something efficient, fun and easy to play around all this.

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Hi, for me the best start I had with Mage / Sorcerer with Lightning Blast + Ele Nova :metal:

As Heavy and Shtrak have said, I would recommend playing how you want and give it a go with trying something out that you enjoy!

The main storyline is more about the story and getting you introduced to the various mobs and boss mechanics before the end game activities with the right balance of difficulty scaling to make you feel like you’re progressing.

Since the game is still in Beta, the dev team have made it incredibly easy and cheap to respec your character to try out new builds so even if you “mess up” you don’t have to build from scratch character wise outside of Mastery (advanced classes). It’s also one of the reasons why I’m having so much fun experimenting and I’m constantly tinkering with my build ideas!

The game does a good job with telling you what to look out for in passives and gear with scaling tags which tell you what all that skill or minions effectiveness/damage scales with.

The game is fairly complex, but the community and development team are second to none in my opinions! The forums, discord, Reddit, and in-game chat are all great places to ask questions if you have any.

If you get the most fun out of a game following guides and builds, then you can most certainly checkout the class forums and take a look over there for some great builds and leveling guides!

And lastly, welcome to LE!

P.S. I personally love the Primalist class, lots of great versatility and in my opinion the best AoE class out there, but all the classes have great tool kits for farming builds

My first character in LE was a Shatter strike Spellblade. And it was very satisfying. It was not optimally build though, I built it around staking INT + DEXT but it was able to dole out pretty decent damage.

There are lots of good first character builds.

I like the tanky builds so I think my first 3 were a Vengeance Paladin, a Wolf Beastmaster, and a Ward Spellblade.

I also tried a Fireball Sorcerer but it wasn’t very good. I did it because I had a lot of uniques drop that worked for it.

You will have the easiest time leveling an Acolyte followed by bear primalist.

I think it primarily depends on your preference.

I picked the sentinel regifter build from boardman21. Its a melee build, super tanky, easy to play, reasonable dps, so far I’m level 75 and have died twice, both times were totally my fault.

A bunch of other builds

Try different things. You never know what’s going to click with you. In two days since I bought the game I’ve leveled two acolytes, one mage and one sentinel. The necro got past the story but I didn’t like how it played but the Sentinel is past the story and I’m chugging along. That said it’s focused on bleeds which I’m not entirely sold on.

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