Best activity to maximize XP gain beyond level 70?

Can anyone tell me what the most optimal activity/method is for gaining XP is once you get into the 70+ levels? My Sorc is 75 and the leveling seems to be slowing down. I tried Arena once but it didn’t seem that great. I’m currently doing at level or near level echoes but some of them are quite difficult and in a few cases I have failed the echo which means I lose rewards.

So with that said is it better to do the highest level echo as you can or lower level echoes that you can clear faster or am I missing something about the Arena?

Yeah, levelling slows down around that time. Just kill lots of stuff, do monos up to 5 levels above you. Arena used to be the best place for xp but not sure now (possibly not given the changes that happened to monos a year or two ago).

5 levels above? Jesus. With the stacking effects of the echoes I have my hands full with same level echoes. Don’t think I could effectively clear them 5 levels above me.

So you think doing higher level or same level echoes is better than doing slightly lower level echoes that I can clear faster? I have been debating whether pushing the islands (and consequently the levels) as fast as I can is better or if I should more fully explore each island web before moving on. I know the loot and XP will be less but I can clear a 68 or 70 level map much faster and safer than I can level 75 or 80. Just unclear how bad of a dropoff the XP is.

Slightly lower level echos faster is probably better but it sounds like you could just do with improving your character so you can survive more & kill faster.

You just need good resistances and health.
Im currently lvl 72 and doing 90 monoliths

Agree with this, after you cap res and get like 1.5k-2.5k health with 100% crit avoidance, you can survive LVL 100s and focus on damage then. Depends a bit on build and such of course.

Since I created this thread I have created a Bladedancer that has passed my Sorc in levels. I have been doing echoes 10+ levels above me without issue so I guess my Sorc just sucks.

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