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Best acolyte builds 0.8.1i?

Hi everyone,

can advice me best builds for acolyte?


You have Death Seal Lich or Ice Ranged Minions Necromancer, for example. You should find them easily on YouTube or in the forum here.

But I would advise you to create your own build, it’s largely doable in Last Epoch. It may not be the best one, but the satisfaction of having your own build is huge. The game is not like Diablo 3 or from what I heard like PoE, you can easily create by yourself a fully functional build that will ge through the campaign and most (if not all) of the endgame. And of course if your build is not efficient, you can easily transition to another build. :wink:


Thanks Shtrak, maybe i’ll try to create my own build :smile:


At the time, I do not entirely agree with the opinion of shtrak. I would say it all depends on how many hours of play you have and your understanding of the stats.
And your level of requirement for your build.

Basically launching a house build without the knowledge, will often give something OK, but will never do big content, because it will be mounted anyhow, and not optimize.
Me, who likes square and efficient things, I prefer to advise beginners to focus on statistics above all. Because the statistics in play are not calculated values. Basically you can have 50% critical hit chance displayed on your character, but in reality have 100% critical hit chance with an X spell. It’s silly for sure but I like things well done and not lose points unnecessarily it is important.

So for me to be able to build an optimized build, you need a certain amount of knowledge that you get with experience and research.
So I do not know if you are a beginner or not, but if this is the case for me I advise you to follow a construction made by someone who does it well, to allow you to learn, after you can have fun once a certain experience has been acquired.

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You are right too Arussa, thanks for advices.
Yes, i need a lot of time for studying equips, skills, stats etc… and yes i’m a beginner (i have only a 75lvl character). I would like to make a build from myself but i think it’s better to follow an existent build for now. Maybe one day i can build it from myself.

Of course, there is no doubt about it.
In this game there is some notion to understand, but it is not that complicated to build a build.

If I can afford a tip in this direction, take the time to educate you on the statistics.
Resistances, endurance, critical hits … Understand how everything is calculated and what are their uses. Once you understand this (not very complex, but sometimes confusing) you will be able to build an already very good build, and for that you will have some tools like the planner.

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