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Bell Brother Bartholomew

Ran across a hidden room earlier today, and it just had a single boss in it named Bell Brother Bartholomew and 5 yellow chests you can loot. The boss is one of the giant brute guys that swings the rock in a circle around him, but this one was holding a giant bell. Has anyone else run across this guy, and is there any special significance to him or the room full of bells he’s in?


Never ran into him or even heard of him what chapter and zone was he in? Oh and welcome to the community! :fireworks:

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Found him behind a breakable door in Imperial Welryn. It’s in the lower part of the map in the cemetary area. That door originally led to a small portal that would port you up to the staircase above it, but now it takes you to Bell Brother’s room.

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Just editing the comment to post a couple screenshots about the encounter. Still would love to know if there’s some lore or purpose behind this area and the boss inside.

Standing just outside the door to the hidden area.

The boss himself.
Bell Brother Bartholomew

Four of the five loot chests. The other is at the southern end of the area, but didn’t think it needed an additional image.
Loot Chests


Thanks for taking the time to post those screen shots looks pretty cool. It would be nice if maybe they added more little areas like this to discover its always fun running into something new and unexpected.

Really cool, thanks to you and thanks EHG, need more of these ! :wink:

Wait, now we’re talking about it… Could there be more since the last updates…? :’)

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