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Beginner notes please?

I’m new to Last Epoch, less than a few hours of play. I’m not new to RPG games, I have played Diablo since it was first released, before D2, Path of Exile for over a year but about 6 hours a day for a year. So why is it so hard to find information on how to play the game from the start? No I don’t think it is intuitive, from finding I have to download it with Steam open to start? To trying to work out items, classes and skill trees. All the questions I have on Google lead me to a video on YouTube, telling me what happens in the final game? All I want to know right now is how to pause the game? The first thing I have learned how to do is create a loot filter, the first thing how crazy is that? I can see the similarities between D2 and POE but then there are so many differences too. I’m in my 60’s, my first computer game was Pong. I grew up building my own PC’s before they were called PC’s so I’m not a compete newbie or scared of technology. A simple guide in print not video format that tells you how to download, choose a character and simple game mechanics such a pause, save game find your stash? I still don’t know how to find it again? By the time this gets answered I will have reached endgame and know all the answers I’m sure but please for the next new guy to try to play this game how about a guide. Thanks rant over.

When in game, press G and you will access the game’s guide. It’s relatively basic but all main elements are present in the guide. Or press Esc and the option is the second line in the menu.

Thanks, that helps.

You cannot pause the game. You can idle in town if need be. Your game automatically saves. Right now, saves are stored locally (you can modify them, but if you do so you become ineligible for Ladder/Arena). When the game goes online/live, this will no longer be possible.

Stashes are depicted by a chest icon in most major town hubs. Unless you have selected solo character, stashes are shared between your characters. You can create tab categories and purchase additional pages within each category. Stash contains a search feature where you can type in a key word or category and it will highlight items (darkening ones that don’t fit the search criteria).