Beetle projectiles pass through Ice Shield from new Ice Barrage tree

Title says it. Tested 5 times, no projecitles blocked by it. Works fine against all other projectiles I’ve come against up to this point, but might want to confirm internally if any other ranged enemies are ignoring the shield.

Projectiles found so far Ignoring Ice Shield:
All Beetles: water spit (the red projectiles are fine)
Necropolis Scavenger: whirling projectile
Oblivious Eyes: whiteish-purple projectile
Void Cleric: whiteish-purple projectile
Dark Seer: dark homing projectile (seems to go over the top of the shield normally, but even moving away to cause it to shift down and directly into the shield it still goes through)
Siege Captain Caliga: both fire fan and single cold shots

Thanks for the report! I’ve confirmed these and made a note of them. If you find any other enemies that have this issue please let us know.

Now that I’ve seen a larger pool of projectiles passing through the shield, I think it has to do with the mechanic of projectiles passing through to hit multiple targets rather than the individual projectiles or enemies themselves.
I assume the Ice Shield was built basically as an entity that takes no damage rather than a collision detection that destroys projectiles. So, when projectiles that hit one target and go away strike this immortal object, they simply do no damage and are destroyed, whereas multi-target projectiles hit the shield, do no damage, and hit the player behind it then continue on their path.

I also mistakenly assumed for a while that Void Touched Spriggans’ projectiles passed through the shield, but it seems their rapid fire of 3 projectiles is similar to ice thorns in that they all count as one multiple projectile attack. One projectile hits the shield and is destroyed(and seems to eat the hit count for the player) and the other 2 pass through the shield and player, which means one would not be able to use the shield to block any multi-projectile attacks from hitting allies behind them once multiplayer is a thing.

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